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Today, my fiancé and I toured our dream home. I was so excited about it that I posted all kinds of pictures of it on Facebook. My boss's daughter just called and said she loved my pictures so much she made an offer on the house. We were 1 week away from making an offer. FML
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That is a bitch of a thing to do! Hope it works out!

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Might not. They may still get it, right?

Yeah, they might still get it. There's no definite "no" that you won't still get it.

lmao Facebook does not ruin lives people. It's the people who obsess over fb that ruin their own lives or others. Thats like saying guns are the cause of violence and not ppl, I know it's extreme but I wanted to make a point. :)

OP, this one definitely needs a follow-up.

That is a bitch of a thing to do! Hope it works out!

hell yeah it's a bitch thing to do! "oh yeah, i know a couple is looking at a house that they clearly love, i'm gonna make an offer to buy it for myself and whoever" complete ***** if you ask me :( hope you still get the house though =/

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For all you know, she would have seen the house within the next anyway. She clearly was also in the housing market - people don't just say "oh, Sarahs looking at that house and I'm not looking for one. I best go out and buy it to get back at her"

I'd punch that bitch regardless of her being my boss's daughter

Aww I feel so sorry for you :( At least make your feelings known to her and try to send her on a massive guilt trip.

ydi for posting the pictures before making an offer

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Agreed. And here's another hint: don't go bragging around to other women about what an incredibly fantastic lay your fiance is, either. Someone will want to try him out.

Haha. For some reason that comment (#45) made me laugh. But yeah, you shouldn't brag about something like that until after you've bought it. Then you can have a housewarming party and show off YOUR new house. But until it really is YOURS, it's not very wise to blab like that. On the other hand, that was super bitchy of your boss's daughter. And she knows she has the upper hand for a couple reasons: 1. She's the daughter of your boss, so if you piss her off (by, say, outbidding her), the boss might not like it. 2. She's the daughter of your boss, so she probably has access to more money than you (depending on how high up your boss is, etc). I do feel bad for you because I just lost the apartment I really wanted for an unfair reason, but in this case, you kinda did ask for trouble...

Hmm, well, aback always makes me laugh. I don't know why that's shocking. I agree though. Haha. Something about jumping the gun came to mind...

#45 made me laugh too. Hope you learned something about putting the cart before the horse or something like that, I'll ask my mom to repeat it to me.

What a motherfucking ****. How the **** does she sleep at night. FYL hope you find an even better home! =(

I agree, but you really do deserve it for trying to be all smart and cocky and posting them online.

I don't think she was being cocky, just excited. Bearing in mind the amount of money at stake here, I think an assassination is justifiable. Seriously though, how could she do that to you?!

lol i totally agree with that last part XP

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what a damn bitch that lady is.. get better hun :3

that's y i never say anything until i am 100% sure it cant go wrong. but FYL, hope you find a better home.

I do the EXACT same thing. I thought i was the only one lol

That teaches u to keep ur life a bit more personal and don't broadcast every inch of it on facebook! YDI

And you're on this website why then? This entire site is based on crappy life experience's. You're a complete idiot if you say something like this on a website like this. ******* retard.

This has nothing to do with the type of website because ppl aren't posting every ******* detail of their life on this website they're just venting out situations. fml and facebook are completly different and ur an asshole for just angrily commenting on shit without thinking about the differences, proves how stupid u are.

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as soon as I see "facebook", I know it's going to be a YDI

As soon as I see Antichrist7, I know it's gonna be a shitty comment... I was only joking btw, don't take that the wrong way

wow what a bitch. maybe next time post the photos after you buy it. sorry darl.