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By CompleteWithPictures - 14/07/2009 02:39 - United States

Today, I was having dinner with some friends at an Applebee's. I couldn't decide on what I wanted, and after about 10 minutes of me flipping through the menu, our waiter brings over the braille menu complete with gigantic pictures of all the dishes and says, "Here, I thought this might help." FML
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Why the hell does the braille menu have photos??

why does the Braille menu have pics???!!?


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wtf ? I don't get i . . .

she's an idiot who don't know how to read the menu... I hope you gave the waiter a good tip! very thoughtful!!!

well did it help.

why does the Braille menu have pics???!!?

it's for people with poor eyesight who probably can't read the text but can sort of see the big pictures .

Why the hell does the braille menu have photos??

Some people can still see but they can't read because of their sight so they learn braille.

hmm never realized that

I realize that now. -_- ha

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Some people, while legally blind, are still able to see to a certain degree. They may only be able to see light or they may be able to make out figures or large pictures (like they had in the menu.) Not all blind people are entirely blind would be the general jist of that story. still... i'm confused about why this is a fml. Was the OP squinting a lot? Did she look like she was trying to feel the menu to read it? So many questions left unanswered...

I got the impression that the braille menu has pictures of all the dishes, whereas the normal menu has pictures of only select dishes, and the OP was just being extremely indecisive

I think the reason the menu was brought was *because* it had pictures, so OP could have a better idea to what the choices would look like when she ordered. I'd love to have that option because it takes me freakin' forever to decide on what I want to eat.

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Hmm, that makes more sense. I hadn't considered that. So really it could have been the waiter just being courteous to the OP and nothing more.

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there was this girl that used to go to my school that couldn't see words and pictures unless they were very big and she had to hold them up very close to her face to see. i guess they could use that menu for people who cannot see and use the braille and for people that can see but have problems seeing average-sized pictures and words.

They umm... also use them for Mentally Handicap people... I think that might be more of the reason for the FML.

Because needing braille doesn't always mean you're completely blind.

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I heard that what you eat for dinner, affects the rest of your life. More news at 10

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thats what glasses are for lol

It's past ten. Where's the report? I feel let down.

What the hell? Why does a menu fir blind people need photos?

Haha, I do that all the time with menus! At least he was being helpful!

waiter did their job.

more like BUURRRNNN

Um, not much of an FML...

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What the hell? I agree, why do Braille menues have photos? And that waiter sounds pretty stupid.

Some people can still see but they can't read because of their sight so they learn braille. Read what #10 said.

They can't read because they were educated in the American Public School system... and then dropped out in the 8th grade. So they are ignorant... exactly how the Democrats want to keep them.

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haha that was hilarious you are my new hero

They have a reading impaired menu and a menu for blind people on one page omfg people not that difficult

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No tips for him. No I'm kiddig but that was kinda rude.

It seems to be the opposite of rude to me. I think the implication isn't that the person is blind, but that the pictures would help the person decide. And, honestly, I wish people would bring *me* out such menus for that reason sometimes.

I don't find it rude, and I wouldn't have been offended. I probably would have just laughed it off. Waiter was just trying to help since you were taking FOREVER! It annoys the hell out of me when I'm out to dinner w/ someone who can't make up their damn mind. It isn't a life or death situation!!

I agree #54, Pisses me right off. I once had to wait (No lie here either) 30 bloody minutes for my friend to decide between two beanies at the local mall. I still tell him about that when he claims that he's "Completely decisive and quick with his actions."

either he is a dick or he was seriously trying to help.

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Braille is writing for the blind. Why would a menu for the blind need to have giant pictures?

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I know I thought that too lol read what #4 said

How about you guys learn to read some comments before you post your insightful questions that have already been answered, and if you took 2 seconds to think about it, would realize for yourself.

Some people can still see but they can't read because of their sight so they learn braille. Read what #10 said.