By My mother-in-law is a Covidiot - 20/4/2021 20:00

These people never learn

Today, I'm at my mother-in-law's funeral, who died of Covid-19. Months before catching the virus, she would claim that, "the entire Covid thang is bullshit" and "people are just behaving like f****ts over a simple flu." FML
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By  Marcella1016  |  31

I’m curious - did she ever admit she was wrong on that before her death? I’ve always wondered about that. I’ve heard about people still spouting conspiracy theories on their death beds (insane).

Also, sorry for your loss. Hopefully her experience can help serve as a warning to others.

To the other posters, sometimes people submit random interesting smh bullshit as FMLs. FML isn’t always literal. (Technically it never is, as there’s not some sex-crazed entity out there literally fucking people’s life forces.) I just relax and enjoy the site for content that satisfies my ADD throughout the day.

By  rainbowdonnareed  |  18

Did you get it from her? This is your spouses mom. My MIL is a racist religious nutcase so was my father in law. I was supportive of my wife and as a married lesbian couple I went to a kingdom hall and supported my wife.
Grow up and support your spouse!