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Today, I was sitting in the cafeteria with my friends when I suddenly passed out due to my hypoglycemia. When I woke up, I discovered that I was still in the same spot and my friends had abandoned me to go to class. Also, my stuff was stolen. FML
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FYL. some friends you have; you need new ones.

Are you sure that "friends" is the right word for them?


FYL. some friends you have; you need new ones.

its not fyl or ydi ... for all you know, his friends could have thought that he was tired and fell asleep

Exactly! They let 'HER' sleep instead of waking her up to go to class, and now she gets a detention for being late to class(at least In my school anyway)! And they left her alone, so she would be defenselessly sleeping and get her stuff jacked, its a FYL. Man you're stupid.

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Hypoglycemia doesn't make you pass out (well not for a few hours at least). You get very irritable first and start having cravings, then it starts getting hard to breathe. At that point you still have about an hour until you pass out. You never "suddenly pass out due to hypoglycemia".

agreed! youd feel it coming on and tell someone. pffft to this i think it's fake

Wow someone posted a fake FML? Wow that's awful, that never happens ever. I mean those ones about rape and creepy uncles, those might be fake, but nah you're worried about this one.

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um I have hypoglycimia. I've never passeed out. just fatigue headaches and shortness of breath. if you suddenly passed out your probably starving yourself. eat a steak and get over it.

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Not true I have hypoglycemia and I've passed out before I have I pretty bad so had my share of experiences

#85. Um, not true. Hypoglycaemia can be worse in some people than others but as a diabetic, I know if I did nothing for an hour after going low, I would die. If your sugar drops below 4.0 (72 for Americans) then you need to eat something and, the speed at which it drops can be pretty damn fast. Especially if you don't notice till it's way too low. But, OP, don't your friends know what to do if you stop responding?

You should stop hanging out with those guys... FYL.

Are you sure that "friends" is the right word for them?

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Straight up FYL, that sucks :(

Hypoglycaemia? Maybe you should eat something before you pass out? Just a thought, which i can have since i eat regularly and don't pass out. Unless theres some uncontrollable medical condition, in which case just plain FYL

it is a medical condition. It's like the opposite from being a diabetic. Your body produces too much insulin and you pass out from low blood sugar. google before you respond next time.

snack or drink containing sugar will raise the blood glucose level... You're in a cafeteria... a snack shouldn't be the hardest thing in the world to find...

yea but sometimes it cant be controlled. It all depends how much insulin your body is producing in a certain amount of time. If it is too much then you can pass out, even if you're eating ice cream (or something really sugary) at the time.

HJB, something containing sugar with "help" you crash even faster. Natural sugar and such is needed, not man made sugar.

What a dog act, new friends that actually care would be a nice touch ;).

FYL that sucks! Get some new friends. Or whip your current ones into submission!

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shut the hell up this never happened i took u to the nurse at school f u jeremy what a friend u r!

They're going to feel dumb when they realize it isn't their friend lol now that's a FYL

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This isn't Facebook, you don't know EVERYONE on the site