By snore - 19/04/2014 20:12 - Mexico - Mexico

Today, I was feeling really depressed and ended up asking my mom why guys aren't interested in me. She replied with a laundry list of reasons, including, "Hair. Boobs. Face. Everything." FML
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skyeyez9 24

Which you then thanked your mother for inheriting her "superior genetics."

Don't worry, she at least got the boob part wrong. Guys love all boobs!


skyeyez9 24

Which you then thanked your mother for inheriting her "superior genetics."

She could of inherited barely any of her mothers genetics, you do realize people are not always a perfect mix of their parents. Some children just take after their fathers. In this situation it might be fair to think that's what happened.

Wow, that one really flew over your head, didn't it?

rocker_chick23 27

Wow #16, that went way over your head, didn't it?

Well I mean it didn't go over my head but it just is not a very witty or appealing comeback to me. Genetics has never been an easy thing to make jokes about, unless you are into the study of them. Even more so it's not a witty comment if you know how they work with dominant genes and such. I am all one for a good joke if it makes sense.

rocker_chick23 27

It is a smartass remark that many people use.

I mean you are not really being a smartass if the joke actually doesn't make sense the majority of the time now are you?

rocker_chick23 27

Many jokes don't have to make sense to be funny. Sorry you have no sense of humor. Your life must suck

You are just taking the remark too literally #46.

Notice how I have never attacked your life or any of your attributes. I am glad to see you can't have a debate over our different senses of humor. Thank your for amusing me by saying my life sucks though. It is indeed very good. I just have a higher level of humor then you. I like witty intellectual jokes that make sense. Not the stupid fart humor and senseless humor you seem to think is funny.

Ironic you're looking for witty intellectual jokes on a site called f*** my life just saying.

rocker_chick23 27

#52 Funny thing is, I like witty intellectual jokes too, but I also enjoy stupid jokes once in a while. I guess I am an idiot in your mind.

Is it just me, or does it seem like #52 just called us all stupid?

Supercilious pseudo-intellectualism ftw! Now everyone sip their scotch and brood over the pedestrian humor of all of the lowly plebians who enjoy lowbrow humor. Douche

rocker_chick23 27

#60: Apparently anyone who likes stupid jokes is unintelligent in his or hers eyes

isn't that the point of humor? you're saying his sense of humor sucks because he doesn't think that the joke that you said wasn't funny was funny.

I know, right? What a mean mother. She deserved a snarky comeback for that. "I'm asking about me, mom. Not you!" Hah. Take that, menopausal mama.

#38 let's say the mother has pretty much all autosomal traits which are dominant, is the joke stupid now? What if the mother has autosomal recessive traits and OP is the 4th child, then does this make more sense to you? Not that it really matters. You don't know OP so you can't possibly know if this joke "makes sense" or not. Point is it's funny, still a good comeback and NOT ALL JOKES need to be based on pure fact! Since when are genetics hard to joke about? You're on the wrong site buddy.

No I'm not, I just occasionally love rustling some jimmies. I am the worst person to talk to about intelligent humor, I constantly make the shitty situation jokes. Thank you all for appeasing my Jimmie rustling. I will not apologize, happy. 4/20

By the way it's "than"

avapaige1234 19

You must be fun at parties.

Fitforfun, half of your genes come from your mother, regardless of your phenotypes.

Don't worry, she at least got the boob part wrong. Guys love all boobs!

DrownedMyFish 18

OP's mom was probably referring to OP's boobs, not all boobs in general. I'm guessing OP is packing raisins.

Some guys like that. I like a girl who isn't packing a lot in the chest!

21 - So... Are you one of those creepy guys posing as a 13 year old girl on the internet then?

23, are you one of those people that don't believe homosexuals exist?

But I though homosexuals where just a myth.

27 - The way it was worded led me to believe that the poster was a "guy" herself. Generally when someone says "some guys like it, but I like ___" they are a guy. If it had said some "people" like it, but I don't, I would have thought she were female. Plus, the thread is specifically talking about MALES liking boobs.

REALAfroninga 11

@28 Yeah, I thought they only existed in fairy tales, and California.

@21 I'm bisexual for your info

etoilenuit 15

Bitches just be jealous

I think 2 was saying that it doesn't matter what Op has on her chest, cause all boobs are good boobs.

Except on other guys, at least most of the time right?

Mom's always know best and have your back

You mean like the mothers of puppies? They're total bitches.

rocker_chick23 27

#3 I know a few moms who never had their child's back.

oddities 20

#3, no, they don't. For example, my mom backed up my older brother when I "ruined" his weed stash by laying on it (he stuffed it in my pillow) a few minutes ago. I don't think that's really having either of our backs or knowing best. It is, however, decent FML material.

why is it that no one on this site can understand the concept of sarcasm??! I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty confident in saying that #3 was making a joke

Actually, when I was younger I had depression. My mum told me to "toughen up, you little cunt."

That's messed up that your own mom says things like that.

I agree.. My mom was my biggest bully growing up. I can relate to this

Me too. That is why my life's work is being the best most loving mum I can be.

star14394 20

I thought parents were to be supportive of their children not put them down

But being supportive is not about just complimenting your child on everything blindly... It would be like telling the kid they can draw, sing, dance or whatever well when they can't... it'll just have the opposite effect when they step outside and find out the hard way that they suck (or are, at most, completely average) at something they were always proud of because mommy said they were good at it. Though I agree that there are good and bad ways to tell people they're lacking something, and mom could have worded it better. But even that depends on how OP actually asked her... if OP went to her mom whining, and if it wasn't the first time, I could understand why her mom got annoyed and ended up answering like that.

It's OK; Keep in mind that half of your genes came from her.

mariab2898 13

Just remind her where you got those genes from!

Then she should look at herself in the mirror since she made you.

She didn't do it all on her own though

That's true, but she wasn't being very supportive, so the mom deserves to be called ugly since that's what she pretty much called her daughter.

Mommas suppose to love you no matter what!

Damn straight! She should make you feel beautiful, cherished, loved and like you could achieve anything you want to in this life.

sumbum95 15

Don't listen to that. You just have to be confident & be your self. :)

That's a hard thing to do when your confidence gets wounded, especially when it's hurt by your own mother... Still, that is good advice.

sumbum95 15

Yeah, I know what you mean. I sometimes get that from my mom, she'll put me down but hey I learned to just swallow it & make my own confidence! :)