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Today, I found out that when my mom says she's going to kick me in the head to wake me up for an important interview, she actually means it. FML
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Why do you need to be kicked in the head for an important interview anyways? Are you not responsible enough to do something yourself?


The black eye probably wont help you get the job...

xXxIracebethxXx 14

*Crazed Mother used HARD KICK* *It was super effective!*

Well now you know she wasn't joking around!

*breathes in deeply* "ok, it's ok... You can do this... Let's count to 3... 1, 2... 3!!!" *gives op the first head-kick of his life* "WAKE UP YE LAZY MUTHA FUCKA!!! wow, you have no idea how good that felt! I really needed this! Thanks child! Shall we have another go?"

Employer: What happened to your eye? You: it was my wakeup call...

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YDI tell that bitch to get back to the kitchen. Bring on the haters!

43- yeah. She was actually doing them a favor. now they won't be trapped in the dream world

...Why so many people saying he wasn't going to wake himself up? It just says she woke him up that way...Theres nothing to suggest he was actually late.

ImFrackinBored 13

That must have been a really important interview... ._.

Advil is just effective. Nothing cruel about it.

At least she doesn't wake you up with a bucket of water!

xXxIracebethxXx 14

I think most people would rather wake up wet than with a hard kick to the head that can damage your brain.

No. Gtfo with that 99% crap. You don't even know what it means. It's more annoying than the Skyrim meme and for the same reason: it's stupid and people who weren't part of it started using it. a lot.

35 - The thing this generation seems to be missing.

#32, this is for you, I'm sorry I just couldn't resist... I used to be part of the 99%, then I took an arrow to the knee... Let the thumbs down commence!

L1v3_L0v3_Lau9h 18

46- Why the generalization? We're not all that bad, are we? -.-

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How do I message someone on here???

I agree, the large majority of us are pretty bad. But really, when the previous generation was our age, people were saying the same thing about them. It's only worse for us though, because we have all this ridiculous technology that accentuates our stupidity. It's like the whole Senior>Freshman deal; we were all the stupid Freshmen at one point.

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Hopefully you didn't pass out and miss the interview, I bet you miss your alarm clock now :)

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Why do you need to be kicked in the head for an important interview anyways? Are you not responsible enough to do something yourself?

She really wants you to get a job so you can Move Out!

mom's will go to the extreme to do what's best for you

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Last time I recall a concussion isn't good for you. But maybe I was misinformed. :/