By CreeptacularBait - United States - Reston
Today, I joined my boyfriend at a work conference out of state. One of the other conference-goers struck up a conversation and I obliged. Apparently, I was too nice. He followed me into the hotel lobby and openly watched me go back to my hotel room, making sure to count the room numbers. FML
CreeptacularBait tells us more :
Hello there! OP Here! Sorry for the long post in advance! Thank you for all the comments! 1) I went for a walk outside while my boyfriend was off at a meeting at the main office (It's a HUGE Company). Since he was gone for hours I was trying to entertain myself. The man approached me outside the hotel as I was coming in. I only knew he worked for the same company because he had on a company shirt and was talking with a large group of other people wearing the same shirt. He stepped into my path inside to talk to me. 2) I didn't think anything was wrong at first but when I went to go inside I could see his reflection on the glass doors of the hotel and noticed he was watching me leave. I tried to shrug it off as me being paranoid. 3) The layout of the hotel is that there is a large open lobby plan. All of the rooms open up to the main lobby, so you could be on the first floor, or the ninth floor, and still see everything from standing in the main lobby. I was on the third floor almost already at my room when I glanced down and saw him in the main lobby STARING RIGHT AT ME. I immediately whipped my head forwards and watched from the corner of my eye and he refused to take his eyes off of me. I panicked and thought about hiding behind a pillar but realized that would alert him to the fact I knew he was there and might make him react in a bad way. I went towards my room, realized that that was also a bad idea because now he knew what room I was in, so I turned and went to try and head down to another room, but panicked again and hid behind a pillar when I saw he was counting the doors from the lobby and hadn't seen me come back out again. So I darted back in my room, locked the door, and stayed in the back room with a lamp at the ready. 4) I immediately tried to call my boyfriend but he didn't pick up. Not long after I heard someone at the door and had the lamp at the ready when my boyfriend walked in. He was completely bewildered, so I explained everything. He laughed and said if the guy did try to come to the room he would answer the door: Naked. 5) We ended up leaving a day earlier than expected and it turned out for the best because his friend apparently wasn't booked for the night when he needed to be so we gave him our room. We also warned him about the guy and he said if the guy did show up, he'd answer the door naked too! We did get some lovely sight-seeing in, instead. :)
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  ki087  |  20

She can still report the guy that followed her back to the hotel room even if she doesn't work for the company since he is at a work function and violated company policy (all companies have a policy regarding sexual harassment or general harassment). and even if this isn't covered underneath a harassment cluase, it still reflects poorly on the company and the company can act on that alone.

  SixthSinEnvy  |  39

Agreed. In situations like that you keep walking. Don't ever let them see your final destination. If you don't want to do all extra leg work, a confident and rather loud "May I ask why you're following me?" usually does the trick. At the very least it gets other people's attention.

  drbobbz  |  16

You're better off making a scene at that point than continuing to a potentially secluded area. Don't worry about manners with safety concerns

  Setareh23  |  34

Perhaps she assumed he was just going in the same direction (or something along those lines) but then realized he was following her when he took the obvious glance at her room number? Or he followed her from a distance and she only noticed him once already there...who knows. In any case, what's done is done, so she should just report the incident.

By  CheekyRaccoon  |  27

Or he could be an agent sent to eliminate your boyfriend, because your boyfriend is actually a deep undercover agent. He double crossed some people years ago and now they're getting revenge, so they're using you to get to him. But that's not likely. Hope you can get your creeper problem fixed OP.

By  kaylocca  |  20

I would of went to the hotel front desk and told them I was being followed there so if they saw him come into the hotel and not check out a room to have him removed.