By Anonymous - United States
Today, I accidentally bumped into the fire alarm which set off a high pitch buzzing noise that could be heard throughout the entire dorm. It went on for at least two hours and none of the technicians could figure out how to turn it off. All the girls on my floor want to kill me. FML
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  KingDingALing  |  9

Lmao, 29 xD

But how the hell does "bumping" into the fire alarm set it off? Everywhere I go, there's a casing around every fire alarm or you have to pull it, to set it off.

  krazygirl100  |  9

I made you a waffle

But then I was like...

"I'm mad....."

(>^_^)>. =#. <(*.*<)
So I threw it at you

(>^_^<). <(#.*)>
It hit your face.

  ZuRG_fml  |  7

Regardless of not setting anything on fire, it's x10 better that she didn't hit the sprinklers in the process.

I heard tell of a jackass who was line-drying laundry on his/her sprinkler and set it off while removing. Every room on two floors had their sprinklers triggered by it, resulting in 50 gal/min of this tar-black water being sprayed over EVERYTHING owned by ~80 people.

By  perdix  |  29

Shouldn't they unleash their wrath on the incompetent technicians?

If all else fails and the mob is converging on you, do like Glenn Beck and the Tea Partyers: Blame Obama!