By jjcod - 31/05/2014 09:13 - United Kingdom - London

Today, freshly dumped and at a bar, I focussed my attention on trying to stand in such a way that I looked like an attractive, alluring, confident person. Apparently I forgot how to successfully stand upright and sprained my ankle. FML
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Confidence may be the key, but standing upright often helps. Hope your ankle heals up quickly, OP.


Heads up OP. There are more fish in the sea.

You bitches are just jelly of my awesomeness.

All of y'all's comments were just dumb.

Great idea! She can't possibly fall over in the water.

llamaslikesoda 21

Retarted jokes, retarted jokes everywhere

The English language called, 31. It did not sound pleased...

except none of you have any bait...

#28 - they need Jesus that's what they need mmhm.

sunnysideup25 7

Sounds like chances are she will fall for anyone at the moment.

maronofhearts 19

Maybe she will trip underwater though ( oh yeah shark tale reference)

Confidence may be the key, but standing upright often helps. Hope your ankle heals up quickly, OP.

Though I agree with you, I'm pretty sure it's "No pain, no gain."

Did anybody come and help you at least?

I agree the damsel in distress approach might work.

How do you sprain your ankle by just standing up straight?

The burning question in all of our minds!

It's totally obvious! Just as she was about to stand up straight (and be her confident amazing self) the ground started tremoring. Causing her to fall off balance and sprain her ankle!!!

RedPillSucks 31

It's those CFM pumps. Apparently they don't work

jack_jill05 14

this has happened to me, its actually not that hard to acomplish.

Now there's a conversation starter! Keep on trying to get back in the game though!

I really hope you were drunk, because you'd have to be really clumsy to sprain your ankle while standing...

She could have been wearing really tall heels.

Rainhawk94 27

Hopefully a nice caring man helped you a bar

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

Keep your head up, it gets better - eventually.

I want to see the attractive, alluring, confident pose that sprained an ankle.

I think if I tried any yoga poses I would end up a lot worse off than this.