By J Rush - 21/03/2012 11:46 - United Kingdom - Welshpool

Today, as I turned the shower on, I got covered in gravy. Turns out, my friends had unscrewed the shower head, filled it with gravy granules, then screwed it back on. FML
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Hahahah I'll have to try this prank on my friend

redmnky21 8

you get in the shower before you turn the water on? that's stupid, your supposed to bring the shower to temp then get in


Aren't they supposed to do it with a stock cube?

If someone did it to me with a stock cube I would just keep showering if someone did it to me with gravy I would stop

i wish my shower sprayed gravy down. yumm xD

thiscrazything 1

At least your dog (or cat) will love you when you get out.

Actually I seen a meme of it when I was stumbling. It apparently makes you stink to high heaven

Why would you get in The shower before you turn it on?? It must be cold every time!

TheElderTROLLZ 15

Nothing like soaking in warm gravy...

Maddidaddi 0

That is the best prank ever :) you have great friends.

I like to slather myself in gravy and pretend that I'm a slug.

yourlifesfucked 0

Why did 1 get thumbed down? I thought it was clever! Ya'll just jelly.

Hahahah I'll have to try this prank on my friend

joker72401 1

Rofl copter. I did this to a friend...I got my ass whooped for it. Op, go find an ass to whoop.

Now that you stated that, make sure your friend doesn't try it on you first :p

hubla 0

Prank? I would WANT to be covered in gravy in the morning.

Classic? I'm sure using gravy is a pretty original tactic.

And that's when you eat the gravy like a pussy!!! :D

do the prank to your friends but instead of gravy red food coloring so they think its blood >:)

53 - What? Are you handicapped? 77 - Blood? Why would there be blood in the pipes?

SynLikeYouMeanIt 7

I've done it with a pack of cherry Kool-Aid. Scared the hell out of my drunk roommate

okiidokii_fml 6

You could just take a shower after Thought??

Not really genius. One of them probably works in a hardware store. Oh the ways I could torment people....

Torva_fml 16
FMLContinued 3

Am I the only one who turns on the water before I get in the shower? It's pretty much prank-proof.

No, your not alone, I turn it on before stepping in too.

...what the hell is that supoosed to rhyme with.

The_Troller 14

But that still wouldn't make sense either. Unless OP is deathly allergic to gravy.

What's up with everyone taking this so litterarly? -.-

I think #6 was trying to do it like "that was a sticky situation" but exchanged gravy for sticky.

Why does nobody realise that 'grave' also means serious? Not grave as in where you put dead people? Never heard the phrase 'you are in grave danger'?

I guess your friends are in a GRAVe danger now, being hunted down by you.

Grave and gravy have nothing to do with each other...

Uh yeah, it seems pretty obvious that #7 realizes that they have different meanings and that there is a lack of any etymological connection between "grave" and "gravy". They were simply trying to make a joke based on wordplay, which, incidentally, wasn't very funny.

Hahaha! I love how everyone is getting so serious about "grave" and "gravy". There are at least four similar situations and they are all hilarious...

Could be worse, could have been red powder paint. I'll have to try that...

They need a "That's effin genious" button for all the awesome prank related fmls

redmnky21 8

you get in the shower before you turn the water on? that's stupid, your supposed to bring the shower to temp then get in

Well if it was granulates by the time they absorbed enough water to become gravy. It would be the ideal temp

If you have a tub/shower you can get the temp right before running water threw the shower head.

Whoa, 43. Deep breaths. Some good points... I especially like the part where you credit nerds for creating all great modern technologies, and that(this I don't really get) nerds are responsible for where we stand as a society? That's some grandiose spouting and methinks you sound a bit defensive. I get what you were trying to say, but I think it's up to us nerds to educate, not bash people's brains in with our superior intelligence. Yes?

xStaciexLynnx 15

86- Yes 'nerds' pretty much created all technology and as a society we are EXTREMELY electronic based which yes, also mostly came from nerds. I also think part of being a nerd is 'bashing people's brains in with our superior intelligence'.

The_Troller 14

34- OMG I LUV NERDS 2! AND CAPSLOCK! Wow, I feel dirty now. I think I need to take a shower.

Societal standing concerns a lot more than technological advancements. What is a nerd, anyway? An underdog. A maverick. Not generally into bashing. Haven't you ever seen Revenge of the Nerds?

128 - I don't think a girl who wears sunglasses that unnecessarily large should be allowed to use the phrase "OUR superior intelligence." Also, being a nerd has a lot to do with social ineptitude and nothing to do with being a maverick. Seriously, where did you get that stuff? Just because you can use grammar doesn't mean you're right. You are not a nerd, you are a hipster.

I actually thought #34 was referring to a candy called Nerds which are little odd shaped granules of yummy... Perhaps as an idea to substitute the gravy with them.

Let's be honest though, this is a pretty awesome prank. Here is what you do: 1. Think of a good way to get them back. 2. Get some mashed potatoes for your hair.

ValkyrieCain 0

Brilliant! Pure brilliance! High five your friends for me!