By Person in Alaska with a Ferret - United States
Today, I found out that my ferret, which my parents had told me ran away a few years ago, was actually given to my cousin while I was at a friend's house. My parents didn't want to deal with him anymore and gave him away for free. FML
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By  Squeaky_Tomato  |  14

Maybe if YOU took care of YOUR pets, instead of leaving the responsibility to your parents then this would not have happened. It sucks being lied to, but I don't feel bad that you lost a pet you didn't take care of.

I always had pets growing up, my parents made it clear that if I didn't take care of them, then my parents would find someone who would. Now I have two ferrets, a cat, pay my own tuition and have my own condo. Responsibility is a valuable lesson to learn. It sucks, but you need to learn it.

I am sorry they lied about it though.

  Mirorbo  |  26

Who says they were taking care of it an not the OP? Maybe by 'dealing with it', OP meant their parents were just sick of having the Ferret around at all.

A child can very well take care of a pet that their parents grow a dislike for, you know.

  sallen0046  |  4

It's a ferret, not a dog. There's no reason it should be freely roaming the house unless the OP was watching/playing with it, and therefore there is no reason the parents should have had to "deal with it" at all.

  Mirorbo  |  26

Have you ever owned a Ferret, darling? Some people can't handle them simply because they smell and never got the scent glands removed.

Perhaps they got rid of it because they didn't want to deal with the smell anymore.

  xoxchelaxox08  |  17

All three my ferrets are free to roam. They are much better at not pooping everywhere and chewing things than my dog, who, for that reason, is kept in a crate when I'm not home. Personally, I haven't noticed any smell, nor have I ever heard any of my friends complain of a smell. Although I think it may because they're very well litter trained, and their boxes are scooped twice a day.

  Squeaky_Tomato  |  14

You obviously don't know how to read, darling. I own two ferrets.

I've never had a complaint about smell. There are drops I put in their water to make their pee not smell, and I clean their cages and litter boxes every day.

Plus, at least where I live, every ferret you buy (at a pet store) is fixed and has had the scent glands removed. The only ferrets who haven't had those operations are ones from breeders.

If the parents were sick of the smell, then the child wasn't cleaning the cage.

  happyFace12  |  0

1st off, maybe OP was taking care of it but their parents were sick of t.
2. have u ever had ferrets? they can roam the house, I've had them before
there is NO EXCUSE for giving away your Childs pet and then lying about it.