By tonirene - United States
Today, I had to apply medicine to my friend's spider bites, located on her ass crack. FML
tonirene tells us more :
To answer all of Qs.. I am a straight girl, no she's not fat. she just couldn't see it therefore it was difficult to apply medicine. I did it because I am a good friend and she told me to put it up on FML lol. turns out it wasn't a spider bite afterall though, she has a staph infection on he ass,
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  Fuckme19  |  0

it's sucks if you're a girl, unless you're lesbian, but you wouldn't be complaining. a guy wouldn't be complaining unless he's gay. so either way FYL op.

  MrSassypants  |  32

who says op's friend is a girl? it could be a guy and if he/she had to write and fml about it then they didn't like it. and I wouldn't want to do that to my friend neither boy or girl cuz she had spider bites on her crack. so that means there should be nasty bumps on her ass and that's disgusting. unless she has a super ass that's imune to that.