By tonirene - 29/07/2010 07:21 - United States

Today, I had to apply medicine to my friend's spider bites, located on her ass crack. FML
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tonirene tells us more.

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To answer all of Qs.. I am a straight girl, no she's not fat. she just couldn't see it therefore it was difficult to apply medicine. I did it because I am a good friend and she told me to put it up on FML lol. turns out it wasn't a spider bite afterall though, she has a staph infection on he ass,

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now all depends if the op is a girl or guy,benifical for him , girl benifical for other men reading this...


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sexy friend? cuz u could be soooooooo in there :D go for it

i like how its in the intamicy catergory! 

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I would have farted in your face.

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Friends like you are a rare breed so keep up the good work! 


So does she have a cute butt OP?

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If you were different sexes, you wouldn't be complaining, so... FYL for having to do something ****. Lol.

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it could suck if you're a dude if she's disgusting

if you're a girl OP then gutted on you but if you're a boy then it's a win win thing because u should also be able to see her something something lol xx

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it's sucks if you're a girl, unless you're lesbian, but you wouldn't be complaining. a guy wouldn't be complaining unless he's gay. so either way FYL op.

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I realized that every comment above this is the same as my first comment but worded differently. Learn to read, people. Lol

it's funny because if you look at some one else's ass crack it's weird.

but looking at your own is ok? i think you might be the weird one legonut

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#48 picture looks photoshopped

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guy or girl it doesn't matter tht is just disgusting.

I would put that medicine in her ass crack with my bigger finger OP

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You didn't HAVE to, you WANTED to.

weirdo. bumpy asses r not attractive to people who have access to healthy asses- lesbians included.

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haha lmao CRACK ATTACK! ;-) ha I think your friend owes you big time!

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Only in Oklahoma...I live there so I can say that

73 excuse me? actually I should take that as a compliment. but anyway. no it's not photoshopped but I do admit that it's about a year old but thanks x

97 I think he meant the lighting like it looks tinted/Photoshoped

98 I used my phone at that time to "edit" this. it was an lg phone lol he should try it out ;) x

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maybe the chick is 400 lbs and doesn't know how to wipe. that would truly be a FML

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Photoshop or not #101, you still look gorgeous xD

106: Exactly. Was the friend a double amputee? I don't see another way this is logical. If you can wipe your ass, you can apply the cream yourself.

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Mhmm [: very adorable smile 2 Anyways OP if you're a girl FYL unless you're lesbo, if a boy its not a FYL unless you're gay

who says op's friend is a girl? it could be a guy and if he/she had to write and fml about it then they didn't like it. and I wouldn't want to do that to my friend neither boy or girl cuz she had spider bites on her crack. so that means there should be nasty bumps on her ass and that's disgusting. unless she has a super ass that's imune to that.

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117 if you know how to read, it says "her ass crack", which means it's a girl. duh. fail harder please and thank you.

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# 68 wtf? ok ? and damn that's bad /:

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I will do it if you don't want to.

i'm asuming u have a wife/significant other becuase their is a child in ur picture so go do it to if wife!!

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now all depends if the op is a girl or guy,benifical for him , girl benifical for other men reading this...

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So right in the crack then?! No wonder the spider bit her! It had to leave it's final mark before suffocating...

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Can you imagine wiping your booty and having dead spiders fall out!

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There were spiders crawling in the crack of her ass. Eeeeeww

win if you are a lesbian or a guy. fail if you are a girl who is straight.

speak for yourself. I'd be grossed out. but I'd still b a good friend.

... and by "medicince" you mean "Astroglide", and by "crack" you mean "hole", and by "her" you mean "his".

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OP could use this to blackmail his/her friend into doing stuff for them.

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You didn't HAVE to do it, so ydi.

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Why do we allow stupid people to comment on things?