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Today, I knocked a girl lightly in the head with a prop at a costume party. I apologized profusely to the drama queen as she walked away blinking and holding her head. My boyfriend then told me that she had recently had brain surgery and it was hard for her to even leave the house. FML
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Hi everyone! OP here. We were out at a nightclub for a Halloween event. I was standing at the edge of the dance floor talking to my boyfriend and the girl was behind me where I couldn't see her. I was carrying a cardboard hammer and I moved it and felt it touch something, then turned around and saw this girl cringing. I apologized two or three times and gave her a hug. As some people guessed, I referred to her as a "drama queen" only here, and it was to show what I thought before I knew that she had had surgery; a person who was in good physical health wouldn't have reacted so strongly to such a light tap. I did not hit her on purpose, and I certainly didn't think she was a drama queen after hearing what happened to her. Thanks for the comments!

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Why was she at a party right after brain surgery?!

You couldn't have known OP, accidents happen. Plus, why was she there if she just had brain surgery?


Why was she at a party right after brain surgery?!

MasterTron 24

Could have been a party for her possibly?

lexiieeex3 32

They said it was hard for her to leave the house so she was probably still in recovery and iffy about going but not in too much pain before getting hit on the head, ya know?

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You don't party and consume alcohol after major surgery. Your body needs time to recover.

First, it doesn't say "right after". Second, it depends on the surgery. I went to a (tame) party two weeks after a relatively mild brain surgery because I felt up to it, I was able to go with very supportive and attentive friends, and it felt really, really good to be able to do something fairly normal and social again. The following weekend I went to a wedding. I certainly didn't have any alcohol at either event.

Thank you so, so much for this comment! People should learn to stop jumping to conclusions.

Two years after my step moms brain surgery and she still has trouble going to loud social events. If she gets hit in the head at all again she could end up paralyzed. Depending on the surgery it could be years after and still be a problem. Don't just assume.

snarkytruth 37

Who said she was drinking? You assumed

Mr_Guy_Dude 17

She isn't really a drama queen if she just had brain surgery.

im sure she figured this out after she was told about the surgery

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#27 it's still an asshole move on OP's part to call her a drama queen after finding out she had surgery

She called her a drama queen BEFORE being told about her brain surgery.

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she called her a drama queen in the FML. What, she didn't know until after she posted?

fashionbug9880 22

It's because that's what OP thought at the time. For example, if an FML were to say: Today, some asshole tripped me with cane, so I yelled at him. Turns out he's actually blind. FML It's what they thought in the moment. They don't think they're still an asshole or drama queen (or at least I hope not).

no it's not. it was completely the other girl's fault for even being there so soon after having surgery. and honestly, if you can't be tapped on the head, she should have been just staying in bed all day.

Raxal 21

Sounds like it was more than just a light knock

Not if they just had surgery. I've had 3 chest surgeries over the last 3 years and my chest is still very sensitive. It really depends on the person's healing progress and what areas got messed with.

lexiieeex3 32

Still curious as to if OP did it as a joke or if it was accidental...

18 - To me it sounded like OP meant it as a joke, but not intentionally knowing that the girl had just come out of surgery.

You couldn't have known OP, accidents happen. Plus, why was she there if she just had brain surgery?

jazzy_123 20

yeah but clearly OP didn't know this person so why would she even do that? If a stranger booped me in the head I'd probably be confused and look at them like, "wtf? do I know you?"

I'm pretty sure it was an accident, given that OP apologised straight after

lexiieeex3 32

Or maybe OP bopped her and when she walked away in pain apologized, it's a bit unclear.

it was pretty clear. try reading it again?

1) was the party at her house? 2) why title her a "drama queen" here after knowing the details? 3) FYL for hitting someone, albeit playfully, after they had a surgery you were unaware of. If not their house, I am sorry to say, not really your fault for trying to goof around with them.

They title her a drama queen, because that's how it looked at first. Like she overreacted because of a slight bump. Now that they know why she reacted that way, they don't think she's a drama queen.

I'm pretty sure that her hitting the girl was an accident, considering she doesn't know her

what are you doing knocking people on the head in the first place, particularly someone you barely know?

fair point. I read it as OP deliberately tapped someone with a prop, as I've known plenty of people to do that as a way to get attention. can't say I like OPs attitude in explaining it though.

Why the **** did she go to a party after she had brain surgery?._.

Well last time I was at a party I was not hit. I'm sure the brain surgery girl assumed that she was safe as well.

Not really a big deal. You accidently knocked her, you apologized. She really shouldn't have been at a party, since it is really easy to get knocked over or bumped into. But maybe she just wanted to have some fun... but really as long as she is ok and takes it easy for the rest of the night it is all good.

lexiieeex3 32

The apologizing profusely part I get, the calling her a drama queen now after knowing she had surgery, not so much... I get it was to attest to your initial perception but there's something funky about it to me

I took it as she called her a drama queen before she found at she had brain surgery.

don't worry, your bf just made fool of you :)))), we guys always love doing this