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She's going places.

I forgot all my good sloth jokes. But too bad your mom was a little slow on that fact.


She's going places.

Not at the fastest pace though.

Not college, but places

Maybe op's mom already graduated..

Hopefully to the zoo.

I forgot all my good sloth jokes. But too bad your mom was a little slow on that fact.

Wait till she see a meme of the pervy sloth...

Ha! The only 7 Planets one or did I miss another good one??

the memes of the pervy sloth are endless.

are you from Japan? Cause I'm tryna get in japanties.

Wait Sid is a sloth...

You need to brush up on your Ice Age facts

What did you think he is???

Dumbass…what did you think he was!?!

wonder what else she thinks is made up!

my mom doesn't believe dinosaurs exist because they weren't mentioned in the bible, so I can understand that she didn't think sloths were real.

Kangaroos also were not mentioned in the Bible. I understand the dinosaurs and the Bible thing but animals like sloths are real things you can see today

#24 your mom should be shot. FYL.

um in what world is it ok to tell someone that their mother, or any loved one, should be shot??? I think you should go back to the cave you crawled out of and learn manners dude.

she needs to be sent back to school

Sometimes a sloth will grab its own arm, thinking it's a branch, and fall to its death

I always enjoy reading random and depressing facts.

Is it a slow death?

just because a sloth moves slow doesn't mean gravity goes along with it.

Does she also think she wouldn't get pregnant if she did it under a tree, is that how you were conceived?

I really hope she was trying to trick you...

Good thing you knew, and she didn't teach you that.