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OP here! This actually happened a little over a month ago. I'm in student housing, so they got our RA to come and mediate a meeting. Things have gotten much better since then, but it still irks me that a 21, 23, and 24 year old picked up a 6 year old's tactics and thought it was a good idea to just ignore me for about three weeks. Ultimately, I'm not doing much different, just making a bigger show of it when I do clean. I never was gross about anything (imo), I just don't believe in the whole anti-bacterial thing, like wiping down the tv remote and couch weekly, or using Lysol on my bed every morning. To everyone telling me to find new roommates, my lease is up in May, and I'm already looking for new people to live with, but at least things have gotten better since all this happened.
By KillerChipmunk / Monday 5 December 2016 08:19 / United States - Fair Oaks
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  KillerChipmunk  |  15

Yep. Regular house stuff. Like the tv remote, couch, table, door knobs, etc, all get disinfected at least once a week, and the bathroom gets fully scrubbed and disinfected top to bottom, every week. Two of them spray down their beds every morning, and the third does it a couple times a week. I could go on.

By  Tripartita  |  44

"Oh, damnit, Mark used the dildo again without cleaning it!"

"Fuck. He did the same thing with our toothbrush. Doesn't he have any hygienic standards?"

"I know, right? Also, are you done with that tissue? I need to blow my nose too. Deep-throating the dildo always gets me congested."

By  LyricaSilvan  |  29

Honestly...why is there a trend these days of people using childish means to express discontent? Is communication really that difficult? It isn't that hard to say "hey, I have an issue and I would like to do something about it."

  Dat_Class_Tho  |  26

It's called being passive aggressive. It is extremely annoying, but nothing new. Dating back to the beginning of spoken language, you can bet there was always at least one asshole in the tribe who'd rather be silently angry than say something about it.

  Yudith_fml  |  6

This is not childish; this is tribal. A society where you have to live together in a group and speaking freely puts the group at risk and is discouraged, passive-agressive behavior is the only way to express your discontent. Now, since you're in America, moving out in place where the crazy-sane ratio is not reversed would be possible...

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