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Today, I sent a text to my volleyball group chat congratulating everyone who made the school team, which I hadn't. Someone removed me from the conversation. FML
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Hey everyone, OP here. (: First off, I would like to thank you guys for your nice comments, they made things better! And since I didn't have much room to explain, the group chat was consisted of the girls in the coed league we all played together in the winter, thus creating the chat. We all attend the same school and are all upcoming sophomores that tried out for JV. The competition was very hard. In the end the coach toke 6 sophomores, (all that played in same coed team) and 8 juniors. There were 9 of us in that didn't make it, also all 9 were in the chat. After I realized I was removed I was a little saddened and didn't quite understand why because it wasn't anything too much. A friend of mine that also didn't make it informed me that after I had been removed, she congratulated them too, and she had also been removed. So basically it's came into realization they aren't worth it and I'm more likely to try another sport but if I can't decide on one I might just practice more. Sorry it's long, and thank you if you read!

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SauceySarah 30

That is so horrible. Cliques and exclusivity are such a bitch. Forget them, you can join a different volleyball team like a club team!


Obviously the admin of the chat didn't make it either, sorry op there's always next year

I wouldn't go so far as to assume that they're all bad people, but I will agree on just that one person.

congratulating everyone for making in on the team you didn't, or whining about not making it on the team? you have nothing to do on the chat, since you are not on the team, OP, logically..and whining about it here will not help you either, find something you are good at and try again ;))

I'm really sorry that happened to you. That's some grade A asshole shit to deal with. One day, karma will bite their little asses.

SauceySarah 30

That is so horrible. Cliques and exclusivity are such a bitch. Forget them, you can join a different volleyball team like a club team!

This isn't really a Clique though. Yes they could have been less rude about it, but why have someone in a group chat filled with everyone on the school team when they themselves aren't?

It was probably the team group chat. They aren't gonna let other people into it. We have to do that all the time at my school.

Yeah, think of all the desperate people that would force themselves in if it wasn't exclusive.

you can start your own club, find something you love and just do it :) whining won't get you anywhere you want to be OP, chin up!

At least you are a nice person OP, I hope you find a different team to get into :)

Ugh, imagine it you'd had to play with a bunch of people who behave like that though, maybe it's a lucky escape.

Jachin357 28

Talk about salty! I'm sorry op. It's sad that people will turn their backs on others like that.

It's kind of weird that you had a group volleyball chat before you knew who was on the team. And it's not an exclusivity thing for a team to only want people on the team in a group chat, its for team cohesion and people not on the team wouldn't understand. Now to be fair, maybe they should've just made a new group text without her, but then they'd just end up ignoring her in the other one.

Or maybe she was on the team last year (so was still in the group chat) but didn't make it this year