By Queensland - Australia
Today, I witnessed the most awful park job ever. Without thinking, I found a piece of paper and wrote on the back, "Nice park, asshole". Turns out it was an old airline boarding pass, and my name, address and phone number were neatly displayed with the message. FML
Queensland tells us more :
Hey guys OP here. No stabbings or death threats as of yet, but still keeping low for a few days. Additionally, I highly doubt that the vehicle owner would come to my house as this happened in Sydney and I live in Brisbane! When I get back home, however, I assume I'll have a letter or two... :) I'm not too worried though. The idiot is a Subaru driver, he'll probably pussy out. P.S. Up the maroons!!
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  trollcrusher  |  17

YDI. Think before you act, and when you do act, try to be a mature adult, at least in a public situation like this. While I don't wish a stabbing upon you, hopefully a letter would remind you of your manners, even in situations where others lack them.