By helprelou - 29/06/2016 22:12 - France - La Chevroli?re

Today, a guy who likes me a little too much, and who I asked to tone his advances down a little, sent me a message on Twitter, Facebook and by text message to apologize. FML
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That sucks, OP. I mean, how could he forget to email?

I guess he is very very very sorry


I guess he is very very very sorry

A guy did the same to me, but he also drove an hour to give me a card, present and to try and talk to me to tell me how much he liked me and he wished I liked him the same way. He even got a new number to send me messages hoping I wouldn't ignore them because I didn't know who it was. Finally left me alone now though.

Well at least he knows to back down when being needy

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Maybe all of his accounts are linked somehow?

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It doesn't work like that.

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Okay, thanks for letting me know. My neices have the Facebook and Twitter linked.... so I was not sure if others could be as well.

Facebook and Twitter can be linked, only by the things you post, not by the messages you send. These are still seperate. Same goes for other social media that might be linked.

That sucks, OP. I mean, how could he forget to email?

And send a carrier-pigeon, and a telegram. And sky-writing's always good if you want to make a statement. This guy really isn't making an effort, is he!

While I do agree it's flattering to be adored by the public, as I usually am, this is taking "adoration" a little too far. Maybe try reciprocating what he's doing to you? Send him those auto texts five or six or thirteen times a day, all with the same obscure word... (I suggest moist. I hate the word moist). Find him on every social media outlet he has and do the same thing! Hell, if this kid has an AIM, send messages to that. And, if all else fails, sign him up for Cat Facts. I'm sure he'll get the point after receiving pictures nonstop of pussies.

I worry that he might take this as an expression of interest and start to think his approach is working.

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To me it sounds more like he's stalking OP though. Being lonely isn't an excuse to bother someone.

Kinda reminds me of a skit by Anna Akana on YouTube called "Whoops wrong number!" Check it out it's pretty funny.

"Today, this guy that likes me too much, which I wish he didn't, told me he was sorry! FML." Still waiting for the FML here.

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Must be using WUPHF