By i stole your daughter's virginity anyways!! - 23/05/2017 00:00

Today, I met my girlfriend's dad for the first time. I recognized him. He's the guy that broke into my car and stole my backpack two weeks ago. FML
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My favourite thing about this entire FML is your name

Did you get your backpack back?


My favourite thing about this entire FML is your name

The Irony is thick with this one

Druu 53

OP, you do realize your username makes you sound like a rapist? Perhaps, use "took" her virginity next time.

Did you get your backpack back?

Can you turn him in?

ezrajab 22

Damn that's awkward sorry op

Virginity after a backpack… I suppose that's perfect revenge in some universe.

yes. in this universe

Depends what was in the backpack.

That username is hilarious!

He smashed your window, you smashed his daughter's hymen. Let's call it even!

Good! He steals Your backpack, You steal His daughter! An eye for an eye.

Or an eye for something else!

There are two possible options here OP. A) Your girlfriend's dad is already aware you are with his little girl and he's stalking you. Although that was the first time you met him, that's not he first time he's met you. He simply stole your backpack because he's insane and has some sort of plan in play. Or it's option B) You don't have to ask your girlfriend's dad what he does for a living... he's a thief. Has it ever occurred to you that your girlfriend may have lured you to him? Did you see that movie Get Out? Dude... GET OUT.

species4872 19

You should be a conspiracy theorist. Option C and the most logical, It was co-incidental that he was the same guy.

He took the backpack to check if you carry condoms.