By TheComedyAudio - 06/04/2018 01:30

Today, I surprised my girlfriend of 3 years with Stone Sour and Korn tickets, since I knew how badly she wanted to go. She responded by asking if we could go as just friends. FML
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I think you should tell her NO! and go with someone else.

breyes016 11


breyes016 11

hold up, Stone Sour and Korn are holding a concert somewhere together???

If she pays for her ticket, then yes. The friend zone doesn’t include benefits like free concert tix.

MemeMachine 2

How can you be friendzoned while dating?

She literally asked to go "as just friends"...

Donut_Wizard 23

You should say “yes, but only if I can go dressed as a pumpkin.”

Well... At least she still asked you to go instead of just keeping the tickets and going with someone else...

She only asked him to go because he got the tickets in the first place. I've dated women like that. If he doesn't make a clean break now, she will exploit his love for her till the tap runs dry. Speaking from experience, and not some "I'm going to offend everyone today" post. So no. I think he should take someone else or sell the tickets and get his money back and move on with his life.

Burle 17

I have no clue what this is, but to me it seems like she doesn't want to be seen there with a boyfriend. Just sell the tickets and you gf lol

She’s an idiot! If she had half a brain, she’d have dumped you after the concert! You probably would have had stupid kids with her!