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By annonymous - 30/11/2009 18:59 - United States

Today, I was in line at the grocery store with my 3-year-old son. He was holding a tub of yogurt that had on it a cow wearing sunglasses. He shouted, "Mommy, look at the fat cow with the sunglasses on!" To my horror, the obese woman in front of us turned around. She was wearing sunglasses. FML
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That's not nice. Don't reprimand your child for honesty.

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haha, I would have trouble not to laugh if' I were you.


Her fault for being a fat cow wearing sunglasses in the store!

KaySL, the child is not a retard. The OP is. For caring too much about hurting some fat cow's feelings.

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I really hope you are being sarcastic. Because if not, that's just mean. She's not less human because she's a tad larger.

"...and I wear my sunglasses at night So I can, so I can See the light that's right before my eyes" What is wrong with this site? I post something and it dissapears or do mods secretly just hate my comments?

I'd go with the latter Alexandraa. These mods don't like me either. :[

No, it isn't the child's fault. The child wasn't referring to the obese woman and probably didn't realize that cow means obese woman. It's an innocent mistake.

Either the Mods are all moody, or the server is having a seizure right now.

KaySL, did we hit a touchy subject? I suspect you have weight issues or you wouldn't be getting so emotional about my comments.

If your comment disappears it is the server. When they are moderated the comment bar will still be around like #1.

I don't think it's nice to call people fat cows, people have all sorts of reasons for there weight problems and we can never kno what is wrong with them. Now for a child to say that to another person it's very likley that they heard the parents say that and are simply repeating what they heard so ydi op.

you are an idiot. The child was referring to the picture on the yogurt.

Opps misread that, lol not a ydi. Sorry op:)

Cause you're so perfect sjx that you never misread a fml? not exactly an idiot... *sigh*:p it was a mistake tho, my bad :D

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Sorry, folks, I thought this comment got eaten, so I resubmitted it as #25. It has a little more to it.

theres a freaking cow with sunglasses on the yogurt he's holding. Jesus.

Whoa, seriously? I swear nothing gets by you!

Pleb, last time I checked, males weren't their own species.

Lord I hope she didn't sit on you! That was a pure win :P F your life my friend xD

hahaha.. That would have been funny to watch.. But why do people these days eat so much.. And aren't you sick of feminists bitching that women are not objects.. ----- I swear, by 3000, we are all just going to be large, fatty blobs with a life-span of 40 years.. And we'll all eat our meals whole, without chewing and we'll be getting around in slow-moving hover-crafts.. And there will be no sex.. We will pro-create through sperm donors and insemination.. But there will be special robots to give us hand-jobs, whenever we want.. Every house will have one coke machine and one candybar machine on either side of the fridge.. ----- But, back to my main point, why is every country getting fatter?.. We need to get that food out to the 3rd world countries, where people just sit around, waiting to die of starvation..

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what brand of yogurt is that?!?!

That's not nice. Don't reprimand your child for honesty.

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haha, I would have trouble not to laugh if' I were you.

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Well, that's just bad luck, hahaha.

Lmao! wow... lady: EXCUUSE MEH??? u: haha.... was ment to be a coplament son: NO MOMMY! FAT COWS DONT MEAN GOOD THINGS

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Wow.. You are actually a complete idiot.


YDI for caring too much about what other people think.

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That's just classic. How'd you respond to that?

Are the FML mods having a sissy slap fight with the comments, because they can't seem to stay posted?

Let me rephrase that, since that's bad sentence structure. "The comments can't seem to stay posted. Are the FML mods having a sissy slap fight over what should stay?"

None of these, all fine but comments' section is a bit messy for now It'll be OK in a bit


Um, dude, stop flooding every single FML. I see TONS where you and two other people just have a random chat in the middle of FML comments. Not neccessary. Please stop. It's rather obnoxious that you won't just shut up and comment and leave it be. If you want to have a conversation, private message. You don't need to have whole convos on the comments.

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Why not? It's not hurting anyone. Remove the pole from your anus, and stop whinging about stupid things. It's wholly uneccessary.

sLaughter translation, "blerr blerrr blerr, whine whine whine. Humbug!"

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I know right, and they think they are so funny but they aren't...spending your life on talking about "sammiches" makes you pathetic.

You sound angry... Mad that you can't jump into the convo?

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Some people just can't make friends in real life and have to resort to using comment boards on fml to have contact with other human beings. I appreciate you guys are lonely, but clogging up the comment boards with your chatting does get a tad bit annoying to the rest of us.