By Happy Employee - 31/08/2014 21:51 - United States

Today, I returned from my first paid vacation in the past 2 years from a place with no cell, or internet. I've just found out that our department has been downsized. FML
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Holy assumptions, batman!

How would his roommate know? And where does it say he has a roommate?


Corvo_Attano_4 12

What a terrible surprise

californiapoppy 11

If it had to happen at least you were able to take a paid vacation first

What's up with all the downvotes?

meganlovestea 15

At least you got to go on vacation first?

well that sucks

that's terrible. maybe you could go pleasure yourself. haha jk. good luck OP

What about this FML made you think to recommend masturbation? It doesn't solve every problem, ya know.

RedPillSucks 31

Well, he might have fun trying, I guess. I'm having fun being a thread jack off

martin998877 12

He is a she.

It doesnt GentlemanBastard?

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How would his roommate know? And where does it say he has a roommate?

Holy assumptions, batman!

I read this as op's apartment had been downsized, thought that didn't make sense, read again, maybe #6 made my mistake and didn't read it again

That would be quite a surprise. You return from a vacation and your two-bedroom place has magically turned into a studio. Makes me think about Black Books...

Assumptions, assumptions. Tsk, tsk.

Thank you for stating that, I thought so too, until I read your comment.

That sucks sorry op

Well at least you can go to your next job interview with a hot sexy bitchin' tan.

allieallie18 7

op never said he went somewhere with sun, so he was able to get a tan. lots of people go on vacation to cold places

cryssycakesx3 22

It's sad if you're that insecure to value yourself for your "hot sexy bitchin' tan." the person interviewing you for a job sure as hell doesn't care. "oh, her tan is bitchin' let's hire her."

26, you're making quite a few assumptions about 11, and how she views her self-worth.

its her specialty

37, I've realized that. Almost every comment I've seen from her is demeaning towards the person she's addressing.

smileyrobot 2

aw op that's horrible. *hugs* i hope everything will work out in the end!!!

I hope you are not on the "downsized" list and you got to keep your job :)

Judging by the fact that they posted this here, I'm going to assume that they weren't that lucky...

but their name is happy employee so I'm confused too

I don't know for sure, of course, but I think OP's name is sarcasm.