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  Tuffmuffin  |  10

They wouldn't arrest op for making the food if they're like a waiter or something. Considering op didn't know how badly it was made, they probably didn't make it.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

They probably wouldn't arrest OP considering they didn't make the food. But now that OP knows they are an accessory. They may not be arrested for it but I wouldn't want to have to explain to an officer that I knew and didn't do anything about it. Especially considering someone could get really sick (or possibility die) from eating the food.

By  WCARlover  |  34

Every restaurant is supposed to have a ServeSafe manager to make sure stuff like that doesn't happen. I assume there isn't one there so you should probably alert someone about that. You may be out of a job but it's better than being a part of something that's potentially harmful to customers

  sweetest_jenn  |  18

All restaurant managers are supposed to be ServSafe certified. In this case, this person knows better than to serve unsafe foods to customers and is making the decision to continue doing it. OP needs to report it to the health department. That place sounds like it's one case of food poisoning away from getting investigated/shut down anyway.