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Today, I finally got my paycheck that I could enjoy $300 for myself after taking care of my bills with so many other ones. Then, I find out that the water was shut off, which is supposed to be my roommate's responsibility. Apparently, he has not paid it in months, and they want $288. FML
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By  mfranks19891989  |  10

Base on the amount that seams like it been 2 months sense he paid. I would give your roommate a chance to pay you back, if he doesn’t then take him to court.

Even though it was your roommates responsibility to pay the water bill, you should be checking to make sure it’s been paid, most places it’s a simple log in and checking.

  sarkycow  |  25

Not necessarily, I've shared a flat with 2 roommates (separate times, though one might come back and stay for a week, periodically) back in Scotland; plus in the US (California) I've had 3 roommates (all at different times, individually) and in both countries our water bill was between $50-60\mo max. Just my 2p\2 cents 😊