By Anonymous - United Kingdom
Today, we finally got our first electricity bill for our new flat. I was shocked to see that we had used £60 worth of electricity in 6 weeks. Then I noticed that it was only an estimate, and that we could read the meter ourselves to correct the amount. We now have to pay nearly £400. FML
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By  perdix  |  29

Shocked at your electric bill? Good one!

I'm guessing the meter reader was an idiot, but they gave you a penalty for illegally reading your own?

  hoschiadedodi  |  0

there can be different reasons
1) probably the old inhabitant was also allowed to read the meter by himself and was embezzling a couple of units
2) somebody else is wiretapping their electricity
3) they have a lot of computers, refridgerators, an aquariums and tv's running 24/7
4) see posting #3

  Prawn_fml  |  2

Surely he wouldn't have been faking readouts. Occasionally people do come over for actual readings, and they would have gotten a read the moment they moved in, anyway.

By  perdix  |  29

Shocked at your electric bill? Good one!

I'm guessing the meter reader was an idiot, but they gave you a penalty for illegally reading your own?

  hashbrown97  |  11

something similar to this happened to my family, we were being given estimates that were less than what we had to pay, when they actually came to do a proper reading they sent a bill for all the extra money we originally werent charged for and were expected to pay the whole lot, of course we disputed it but still it would have biten them in the arse eventually

By  ozymandias_fml  |  0

Wow -- that actually converts into a substantial amount of shitty American money.

Ought to be ok, once you start selling the drugs, I hear the lights are easy enough to pay for.

By  Faithful_Jewel  |  0

My brother, after moving into his uni accommodation 2nd year, had exactly the same problem. Half of the time it's due to heating around this part of the country, so blame your landlord... and wear a jumper.


By  bdog59600  |  0

A lot of utility companies only check the meter every other month. They estimate based on past usage and then charge you the difference when they actually come to check it unless you specifically request to have it checked. I once got a $120 gas bill in August because the basement door of the apartment where the meters were was broken and they had just charged me $7 estimates for 4 months straight. Still, that does sound pretty ridiculous to use ~$650 worth of electricity in 6 weeks.

By  spoo  |  24

A good hint to power bills... when there is SNOW coming IN the window. CLOSE THE WINDOW.. 400? really? 50 degrees outside, and I still havent turned the heater on... Y totaly DI

EDIT- BTW, if you are powering up an army of robots... its time to put them to work :)

  Leviyah  |  0

You know, I moved into a house a couple of years ago that was lovely. It had low ceilings so I figured the electric would go down from the high-ceiling apartment that we were moving out of. Our first bill? $459.

You can not assume people are doing wasteful things just by their bill amount. We were very frugal with our usage, the problem was that the house was not insulated, and that is not something normal people would notice when checking a house out. Once we moved in we noticed it took a long time to cool the house. We closed off rooms and wore little clothing in the house to try to stay cool, and our bill never went below $400 during the evil hot months of florida's summer and psuedo fall. It finally cooled down in december, when it would get so cold in the house that we walked around in sweaters all day, and had to keep heated blankets on our beds at night.

Basically, don't be a jerk. Not everyone has such a nicely comfortable home as you obviously do. Lucky you.