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Today, it's the last day of my sign language class. At the end of the class, my teacher surprised us by speaking for the first time, also surprising everyone that she wasn't actually deaf. It wouldn't have been so bad had I not just given someone an answer to the test, thinking she couldn't hear me. FML
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Definitely not going to defend myself, it was a dumb thing to do. Although, I did whisper, not shout, an answer just to get my friend on the right track. I totally respect my teacher and it was the kind of whisper that probably would have been tried in any class with a hearing teacher as well. She was a great teacher and I think I learned better that way. There is a mix of deaf and hearing asl teachers at my school, though. It was amazing though, because she didn't respond to phones going off, people sneezing, people walking in late (until she saw them) and even the people bashing asl and deaf people in the hall one day.

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that's the best way to teach though, I really have to applaud the teacher, cause I think that'd be such an exciting way to learn.

I'm pretty sure that they can; however, considering the amount of students there might be in the class. The chances of OP being in her field of vision are relatively small.

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Even if you are an expert lip reader, you can only understand at most 30% of what someone says through lip reading because some sounds such as 'd and t' and 'p and b' have the exact same mouth movements.

how were you giving answer to someone if ur in a deaf class, they couldnt here you...ydi for being dumb

OP and her classmates are obviously not deaf. They assumed their teacher was deaf because the teacher presumably only spoke in sign language the entire time.

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Teacher gives finger to class at the end of the last class. Best sign off ever...

You also deserve it for taking advantage of someone because you thought she wouldn't notice.

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Why are people thumbing #74 down? She's right, although I'm not sure about the percentage. Many words and letters look similar so even if someone is great with lip-reading, they probably won't catch every word perfectly.

Wow. How judgemental. Everybody cheats in some way, but now because someone can't hear it's not okay? Don't you find that hypocritical?

Not everybody cheats. Some people actually study and earn their grade. I'd rather fail on my own than pass through cheating.

He deserves it for taking advantage of her assumed disability like that.

Besides he wasn't even cheating, he was trying to give an answer. People around here are way too judgemental.

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Yes. Sign language through the internet...

Yes, and sarcasm through the internet too, just for you.

She didn't say anything, so I honestly don't know. Guess I'll have to wait and see my grade :S

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Haha good luck OP. I was actually in a similar situation. My high school ASL teacher didn't talk to us for the first semester and right before Christmas break used her voice and we were SHOCKED. We knew she was deaf but some deaf people choose not to speak and we assumed the latter. It was such a mind blowing experience.

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#3: Amazingly, deaf professors seem to excel in sign language, so they make the perfect instructor. That being said, the ASL class I attended included an interpreter, as did the other classes. My instructor wasn't deaf, but she was hard of hearing. She was awesome.

*presses thumbs down repeatedly* *curses Mighty FML Deity for not allowing me to give someone the 100 thumbs down he deserves*

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I'm currently taking ASL. My professor is 100% Deaf and has been since birth. We had interpreters on the first day, but after that we have managed to communicate. Gesturing, spell signing, writing, all make it possible to communicate without speaking, and make us learn the lanuage much faster due to the near total immersion.

Man, that post gave me second hand embarrassment.

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alot of deaf people can read lips and speak. but its amazing to have a hearing teacher teach u sign language

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You think they don't have deaf teachers? It was for a sign language class... And there are a lot of deaf people with normal jobs.

Basically you just stated deaf people can't have jobs... Or function in society? I'm so glad you're not in charge of anything important.

There are such people called interpreters. You are ignorant and stupid.

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My intro level ASL professor was completely deaf. We learned a lot, and didn't need an interpreter (except one day near the end of our first semester, when students had to do presentations, and he wanted to speed the process along) OP deserves it for trying to take advantage of a situation, and cheating (still cheating if you're the one giving answers) on an exam. And don't worry doc, it just hit 100 down votes, so the FML Gods have granted your wish. :)

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Here comes the vengeance of FML

You're so impossibly ignorant and rude. There are other ways of communicating besides talking. Please, never breed.

Most sign language teachers are deaf. They use interpreters if they have job interviews or important meeting. Or they can write back and for. Some deaf people lip read.

Same thing with us. We have the option of requesting an interpreter if we have an emergency question but they prefer not to do that.

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My sister is deaf and she is a school counselor with a master's degree - just because someone can't hear doesn't mean they're sentenced to a life of begging on the street!

Using the word 'retard' in this context is as insulting as 3s comment.

#3 wow guys You Can Do It! 400 thumbs-down lets go!!

It's a school that teaches sign language. You think they are going to say 'sorry you can't teach here because you're deaf'?

That's what you get for trying to take advantage of what you thought, was her disability and cheating

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If she could lie about being deaf then she could pretend to not lf heard you. Cheating is not the best thing you could of done though!

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You used "if" instead of "of" and "of" instead of "have". AND your comment STILL doesn't make sense...

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It's pretty common among people who are deaf to be able to read words just from looking at the movement of the lips. My grandma has been able to do it ever since she lost some of her hearing (._.)

Even if she was deaf. They can read body language and read lips.

OP could have simply kept his head down but shouted the answer.