By ChrissySoltys - 02/05/2011 06:39 - Canada

Today, I realized that the black leggings I wear quite often become see-through when I bend over. I have been showing the world my ass as well as my thong for over a month now. FML
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this happened to me too, except it was my yoga suit and I was commando FML.

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That's why you wear a shirt long enough to cover your ass when you wear leggings.


this happened to me too, except it was my yoga suit and I was commando FML.

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humor is the intent of this site don't lack it

I like to wear leggings but people seem to lose their lunch when I drop something... wierd I know.

I go commando all the time, but I wear jeans.

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YDI for wearing black leggings as pants.

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since no one has been a complete douche yet I'll take the spot: pics or it didn't happen.

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apparently she has a nice ass if no one told her... lucky them

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leggings are NOT pants ladies!!!

dammmnnn..... I soo missed out, looking at things like this would get me soooooo horny!!! please someone send me a pic of this!! My email is [email protected]

uhhh just forewarning everyone in here... we got us a stage five creeper^^^

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let's all send him massive amounts of spam and sign him up for all our junk mail!!!! that'll teach him!!!

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#111, are you lost or just some creep?

So wear boy shorts they may see your thigh a lil bit but that's better then them seein your ass lol

just...that just makes me feel sorry for slaves of fashion. It's so sad. they need lives.

Count how many times you bend over a day. You might be surprised that you do it a lot haha.

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hit me up on fb ... lamarl williams :)

if your good looking that okay. noone would mind seeing that. but if your those fat people with cottage cheese thighs and buttcheeks thats just gross and wrong. there are children around you

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#2, don't worry. Me and the rest of the guys at the gym absolutely love it when girls wear those spandex yoga pants and go commando. And, yes, we can tell!

Meanwhile, all the men in the office got a raise...

When are girls going to realize that NO ONE looks good wearing leggings as pants. It's just trashy and unattractive.

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105 yes they are I find them hot expect when you can see a chick bush through them and theres like a bulge

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A bulge? Sorry to rain on you parade but that might not be a chick bush.

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I love it when girls don't realize that leggings become semi-see-through when they're stretched :)

yeah just last Thursday I told a girl I could see through her "pants" when she walked up some stairs in front of me. Total stranger. I just do what I can for the people. NOT PANTS.

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I enjoy leggings, so keep wearing them! not intended for all females, though.

Even for just one month OP, the World was a better place for it. Thank you for doing your part to promote peace.

I was walking behind a girl today in school on the stairs....she was wearing those tights.....she had a nice ass

lol if a guy's checking out my ass i usually take it as a compliment , especially if it's a guy who usually doesn't get any then i'll do something sexy to get him all turned on ;) cutee .

I doubt that #293. If announcing on the internet how much of a **** you are is promoting peace, we should send you overseas.

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295, duhhh... I'm guaranteeing if we sent hookers over to Iraq instead of soldiers, this war woulda been over a long time ago..

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op, you're saying that you wore leggings without a skirt or dress? TOTES a fashion disaster.../:

Love leggings without a skirt. It makes me happy.

it always happens to a girls in my class, it looks hot

fyl.. that suck haha.. but it's pretty hilarious ;) must have liked the attention huh?

Where the **** was I for this, always missing the bend overs.

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omg that happened to me too :( not the kind of attention uu want :P

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129, if it's not the kind of attention you want, why do you wear skin tight cloths that are only meant to be worn under something else. the minute you put on leggings as pants, you're hoping someone will notice your ass.

nope.. should have worn proper pants, she was ASS-king for it

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No, that only happens to dumb broads.

I would like to see it happen to you *drool

I really hope it only happens with hot chicks. I'd be scarred for life if a fat chick did that. Bleh

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a girl at my school who shall remain nameless does this, and she's horrendously fat. and she looks like she got beat by the ugly stick. AND she's a total bitch. how does this happen?

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236 DON'T TALK about urself like tht

haha, looks like the ugly stick got a hold of someone else -___-

I bet it is sexy!!!! please send me hot pics. my email is [email protected]

Dude... I don't think anyone's going to be sending you "hot pics" anytime soon...

No it doesn't, because leggings are not pants.

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makes me question how often she wears the pants and thong. people please consider others and take care of yourself. no one ones to see that or smell that.

you wore the same leggings every day for over a month? *throws up a little*

She never said she wore them everyday, she said she wore it quite often. re-read it.

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That's why you wear a shirt long enough to cover your ass when you wear leggings.

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thank you. I'm glad someone knows how and how not to wear leggings.

They are nor meant to be worn as pants because you see every bit of jiggle in them. I see skinny girls walking in them and their legs are jiggling like jello. Everybody jiggles in leggings, and it's nasty.

Exactly. Cover your booty!!! Leggings are not pants!! I hate this so much

some people appreciate booty. and some are proud to show it. don't hate on chicks cause of your insecurities.

If you were too wear a shirt longer than your ass you'd look like a pigrim

Dont make assumptions about my level of confidence. We all know what happens when we assume... It's not that I'm insecure. It's that if you don't cover parts that should be covered it's gross. And that too many people can't tell the difference between shirts and dresses, and leggings and tights.

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how is a butt gross? everybody has one, or at least most people do. get over it.

they don't make kid-sized legging do they? *pedosmile*

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But when it's covered in a stretchy material that makes it look like a sack of lard that has been hit with a bag of nickels, all dimply and lumpy, that takes it from natural to somewhat disgusting.

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or how about just wearing pants... leggings are nothing more than looser tights.

Thicker tights really. They're still skin-tight.

who ******* cares lmao.. they're pants get over it. & how is it gross when a skinny girl wears them? makes no sense.

I'm 15lbs underweight and my ass still looks jiggly and gross in leggings. I've never seen anyone wear leggings as pants without looking trashy. But hey, if you do, maybe you're the exception.

88- theres this new clothing item called "dresses". and they just look like long shirts ! O. M. G.

Most girls in Ireland wear leggings, and their legs and ass always look great in them.

well I do think most of the guys like it so the outcome wasn't to bad!? haha but it happen to me once in school, it's cool

today ass to the world. you should apply for kudos your life

Once again, a comment I've read several times but I can't figure out what they're trying to say.

"Ours is not to reason why. Ours is to laugh at the illiterate morons." - Alfred Lord Tennyson I may be paraphrasing slightly.