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By  Six_and_the_Moon  |  3

How awful, someone wants to have sex with you. Your life must be unbearable. I have a feeling this entire scenario would be a non-issue had your new roommate been a girl, which just makes it sad.

If you're straight, you say "Thanks for the offer, but I'm straight". If you're gay, you say "Thanks for the offer, but I'm not interested". End of story. Not an FML.


YDI for not asking 4 some of the condoms or asking about getting some from him. n if u used the condom that he used then u r a nasty weirdo. or did he ask 4 the ones u had used?
N just go buy ur own condoms...gee its not that hard. get a job make some money go to the store buy a pack of condoms do w/ wat u please.


inconvienentgurl -

Please stop saying things, especially when you don't understand what you're talking about. You're giving me a massive headache.

He meant the roommate wanted to have sex with him.

Now, you're enlightened.

And you misspelled inconvenient.

  fudrick  |  0

Why is homophobia the only phobia that people hate others for having? It's just as legitimate a phobia as arachnophobia or anything else, but people call individuals with it intolerant assholes.

  chanman  |  0

because homophobia is a misnomer. Homophobia usually refers to people who are intolerant of gay's.
And it's not the only one - there is also negrophobia and sinophobia (among others)