By Anonymous - 24/09/2013 16:16 - Canada - Toronto

Today, my online order arrived earlier than I expected. I opened it to find some kind of anal sex toy. Whoever this is for is going to be disappointed when they get my 3DS game. FML
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raininginseattle 9

You didn't say whether YOU were disappointed or not...

DKjazz 20

Another package mix-up? What a pain in the ass.


Well that must suck

That's not how anal sex toys it?

So my husband and I were getting intimate and I opened up the box i just ordered (that I thought would have my vibrator in it) but I found a 3DS instead!

My bad, a 3DS game. Either way I used it instead of the vibrator.

Yes dyingpie.. You are dying.

Why does dying pie get downvoted every post, he's trying and I feel bad. I feel as if the FML community hates the poor guy. Don't worry DyingPie I'll join you in the downvoted section. AWAY WE GO!

DorkAlert 10

Amazon has EVERYTHING!

DorkAlert 10

Amazon has EVERYTHING!

raininginseattle 9

You didn't say whether YOU were disappointed or not...

TheDrifter 23

It doesn't sound like he is. OP can always just sit on it for a few days and hope his game shows up too.

They ordered Kinky Kong, not Donkey Kong.

jw90 18

Depends on the vibration settings.

perdix 29

No, they can probably shove your game up their ass and have just as much fun. Don't accept a trade with them ;)

Unlikely, 3DS games are TINY!

perdix 29

Maybe they are new at ass-play?

Oh perdix we all know it was actually your package! Are you enjoying the games?

DKjazz 20

Another package mix-up? What a pain in the ass.

Dusty_Busters 15

I enjoyed this. Thank you.

My sides hurt now!

I like how you're not trying to return the package to its destination but just decided to keep it.

Octwo 16

They never said they weren't going to keep it either.

Well at least you'll have something to do while you wait to order a new game.

sneeze_watch 19

Shit, I would be so mad. 3DS games are WAY more expensive than (most) sex toys.

i saw a vibrator that costed 69 euros ._. (not sure if they did that on purpose)

Yes, I imagine it won't give them half the pleasure of the sex toy when they try to insert it up their anus.

dianafuentes 17

call the postal people.

This has nothing to do with the post office. It has to do with the item that was sent in the package. I'm assuming, since OP opened it, that it was addressed to them. Therefore, it wasn't a postal mixup. It was a shipping mixup.

"yeah, postal worker? yeah, you have me the wrong package. I wanted a video game and I got some sort of butt pleasuring device. You need to come get this rubber fist and give me my damn video game!"

I'm having a pretty crappy day at work but this comment just made my day about 100x better. Thanks! :)

OP: Mr. Postman! Mr. Pistman! I ordered a video game, not this anus accessory! Postman: Here, let me have a look at that son...this is definitely the right address. OP:

That's a pain in the butt, try calling the number on the package and explain your situation either way Good luck explaining to your parents what mix-up and hopefully you can get that game!