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By  jonahwalzer  |  12

Fake or not, thats pretty cool!!

  Enslaved  |  36

I'm sure the thief knew it wasn't a real bill. He just wanted it-- Fake or not.

"And we did it-- just like that.
When we want something,
We don't want to pay for it."

Hope that person gets Caught Stealing.

  KillSwitch96  |  18

Do you have any idea how much a new car window costs olpally? They aren't cheap. Something expensive was broken in the process. Nothing of value was stolen, but it was broken and OP still has to pay to fix it. So no, they weren't lucky.

By  eddeeezzyy  |  19

Is it just me or are crooks getting stupider everyday?

That, or the thief decided to be a real fuckface and just break in for the fun of it because they think they're funny by committing vandalism.


stupider could be a word but you wouldnt put it with the word more in front of it. If the word more is there than just stupid is needed, but if they didnt put the word more than they could put stupider.