By crixon42 - 18/11/2013 23:39 - United Kingdom

Today, I turned 30. While all my friends are getting married, furthering careers and having children, I'm still sat around being as immature as I was as a teenager. I'm going through a classic case of premature age-jaculation. I laughed for 10 minutes after coming up with that. FML
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crixon42 tells us more.

OP here, love all you guys who appreciate the pun, and don't you all worry I do not live at home, I have a job and am not a serial sponger.

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You mean after "cumming" up with that.

Time to get your things together!


How is this an FML? You got a laugh out of it, is that bad?

Time to get your things together!

some people don't grow older and act mature...the world would be boring if that was the case. no matter my age I'll probably always act stupid and goofy.

Everyone grows older. Regardless of maturity level, time moves forward for everyone. OP, if that's how you are and you're happy it's fine. If you aren't happy, change. Just don't be the kind of immature where others have to take care of you because you're irresponsible.

Yet, there is sometimes a need to grow up and become more mature if, for example, you want a high profile job or serious task at hand. Of course, you can be immature and downright goofy at certain times (like with friends), but if you're too much of that people will lose trust in your ability to get things done and will generally view you negatively. -LifeLessons

I died a little inside when I read this.

Growing old is mandatory, growing up however is completely optional and till the day I die I shall remain cleverly disguised as a responsible adult :D

I think OP should become a comedian. They clearly like making jokes and having a laugh!! I'm still laughing at the "premature age-jaculation" joke. Pretty clever, OP. Also, I commend you on being able to enjoy the little things such as a lame joke. :P If you really feel you're going nowhere, however, start making moves! Just don't lose that inner-child. :)

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AngelSpit - that's my line! "Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional."

Sounds like you are afraid to try to succeed.

Actually, #73, that's Robert Monkhouse's line.

I got married at 22 and bought a house before the wedding. I may have "grown up" but yet me and my hubby still say and do ridiculous things all the time. We are completely loony, and we make each other happy. But just like everyone else said there is a time and place for immature behaviour, and sometimes you need to be serious so people can respect you. Especially when it comes to work.

Don't lose your dinosaur OP! :)

#41: High profile jobs? You mean like jobs that people like Jon "JonTron" Jafari Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson Ross "RubberNinja" O'Donovan Dan "Danny Sexbang" Avidan Barry "Razzbarry" Kramer Geoff Ramsey Gavin "Gavino" Free Jack Patillo Ray "Tuxedo Mask" Narvaez Ryan Heywood Michael "Rage Quit" Jones Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg Mark "Markiplier" Fischbach have? Because these people make a living off of dick jokes and video games.

Get your shit together son.

So what...I am successful at my Job and I act goofy....When I'm not working. My GF likes my Goofiness. Fact is as long as OP isn't sat around, unemployed, having everything handed to him by his Parent's then making the odd Dick Joke and being stupid is fine. However if if you still feel empty in 20 years buy a sports car and enjoy the Mid Life crisis

Pen island?

I had no idea, 30. Thanks for elaborating. Now I can tell all my friends and family about it.

You do that, #50

Okay, I'll even tell you how it goes. As a matter of fact, I'll tell them this upcoming thanksgiving :)

I'll look forward to hearing that (:

I'm bookmarking this FML and checking back on Thanksgiving to see what their response is.

the amount of times 30 got thumbed down hurt.

He already did, lol. But no one really grows up, they only learn when to act like a kid and when not to. Op, if you wanna get your shit together then do it. IT'S NOT TOO LATE! Just make sure you do it for you, and nobody else.

You mean after "cumming" up with that.

That right there is ridickulous

She shouldn't let it go to the tip of her head though, one day she'll shaft the someone with a hair trigger and get whacked.

*shakes head sadly* You're better than that, Bill. C'mon.

She's going to laugh for another ten minutes after that one! :P

ikr ideeots

\ 28

The "ridickulous" joke on FMLs almost always gets buried, yet here it is appreciated. I will never understand FML.

I saw a comment repeated by the same person once. The first time got +11, the second time got -10.

Well it is pretty good. I laughed too.

Who cares?! As long as you're happy, who cares that you're not following the rules of settling down, getting married and having children? Have fun while it lasts.

its not necessarily rules as much as it is what society expects...but honestly who cares if you follow society's expectations? I don't.

You deserve it. Grow up and make something of your life.

that's a bit harsh. you sound like you're ops mother

I think ops a boy

Nope. Symbol of Venus.

I want what ever you're smoking man