By StinkyCactus - 08/01/2010 06:23 - United States

Today, my pet hedgehog thought it would be funny to roll around in the kitty litter. It was like washing a poopy cactus. FML
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"LOL U CANT HAS PET HEDGIE ITS EVIL/FAKE FAKE FAKE/WHO HAS PET HEDGEDOG NEWAYS?" Eat a dick. "Google." Seriously, do you people really think it's okay to just open your ignorant trap about every little thing you have a misinformed opinion about? Seriously, before you get all stupid on the internet, know what you're talking about. "I AM TEH HEDGEHAWG OWNUR GOD AND UR DOIN IT WRONG!" Yes, it was a mistake for her to get into the cat's litter, but other than that, she is very well taken care of and very happy. I have done a lot of research about the kind of hedgehog she is and how to take care of her, so rest assured, she is in good hands, so please, pull your head out of your ass. Again- know what you're talking about before you judge. "HOW I GETZ HOG? PLZ TELL MEEEEEEEEE" Google. Seriously! That's how I did. I heard people had them as pets, so, I started researching. I drove 3 hours to find a qualified breeder to pick up my baby hedgie, but only before I spent a good week reading literature and reading articles by owners and breeders about their health and what to expect. DO NOT go get a hedgie on a random whim- AGAIN- know what you're doing before taking on a pet, of any kind. If you think you're ready, and can legally own one, look up your local breeder and set it up. Thank you for everyone with pleasant comments and/or at least civil ones if you disagree with hedgehog ownership.


Omg! I was saying how I wanted one juuust the other day! haha I didn't know people could really have them though. Ha idk why I thought that.

Forget about the dogs and cats. It's all about th hedgehogs and baby sloths!

Since when can you have a pet hedgehog?

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Since you acquire the permits needed to own one.

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You don't always need permits depending on where you live.

definitely love my two. if I don't get to see Jimmy after a week, he apparently gets grumpy and doesn't let anyone touch him. being in the military, it happens often. But, once I get home, he goes back to being friendly, and curling up in my hand to sleep. My mom, however, responds with "Damn, you're back so soon?" at least I have my hedgies

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I whant a pet Hedgehog!! HAHA have fun cleaning him off :L FYL

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I had a cactus. I killed it): I didn't even know that was possible..

sweet! i didnt know you could have hedghogs for pets! :D i want one

I have to agree, that does seem to have an air of sweetness about it. Although, FYL for becoming an SRSS. :[

That is amazingly cute. I want a hedgehog!!

What happened to you Sonic, you used to be cool man!

Sonic has let himself go -- in the poop tray.

mine did the same thing she's nuts! tooothbrush works great to bathe them tho..just incase you hadnt tried that

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Did she roll like Sonic does? If not, you should train her to do so.

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Did she roll like Sonic does? If not, you should train her to do so.

Link5794 18

Did she roll like Sonic does? If not, you should train her to do so.