By peanutface - 17/12/2010 13:20 - Canada

Today, not only did I miss my bus by seconds, I also saw the bus driver smirking as he drove past me in the middle of the Canadian winter. FML
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this is why I don't take the bus

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what an ass, hope u didn't freeze too bad


epic_phail 0

this is why I don't take the bus

I remember being at a transit hub in the middle of winter, with about 6 people waiting for a particular bus. As soon as it came we all started walking towards it, only to have it take off as soon as the first person reached the door. That was the last day I took the bus.

Please, that is not FML. I lost my bus pass a few weeks ago and had to walk home, 4 of my bus passed me on the way back. And yes, it was freezing. I still didn't bother posting it though. Know why? Cause it's not FML enough.

oh come on >_> it's not like I said anything overtly offensive, just that basically life screws people over and you should get over it. A missed bus is hardly as bad as a ripped out earring.

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Find where he lives, and egg his house.. :)

Kay, there's nothing wrong with being retarded... it just means you're being held back. :)

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that happened to me once, only it was a ski bus and I had just put my skis on the side of it, when it took off. I then had to track it down and get my skis. it took me a whole day to find the bus. public transportation sucks

Easy for you to say #1. Not everyone can commute long distances without transit given their financial status.

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Omg, on the bus I was on, this exact thing happened O_o To other students though :O

it's definitely not the middle of winter in canada right now..try winter is just beginning!! try complaining about this again in a month when the weather is actually unbearably cold.

Hahaha... Keep reaching for the stars KaySL

so is a Canadian winter different from an Alaskan winter?

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if your really Canadian, you should have been able to stand it

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I don't know where you live, but where I am we've already had UNBEARABLY freezing cold for over a month already. so yeah, it sort if is the middle of winter in some parts.

the middle of winter is not now. It is not even winter until dec.21 or 22

There's this bus driver here in Madison, WI who lets all the black people on the bus for free and makes everyone from the other races pay. Some bus drivers are just really annoying.

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what an ass, hope u didn't freeze too bad

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But I heard canadians are polite. Just not to each other?

Depends on where you live. Quebec not so much if you utter a word of English. Yes I'm Canadian and yes I've been to Quebec. All other provinces are pretty nice though :D

Seriously ? There's stupid people everywhere (probably more here in Quebec but yeah..), and it's not because one stupid guy hated on you because you were talking english that everyone in Quebec is not polite... Don't hate on us because of one retard.

every country has it's assholes including Canada. but for the most part we're pretty polite :)

Agreed; luckily, I don't take the bus. I'm Canadian, but in my town, it has barely even snowed yet. It's like a whole other planet here, haha.

i live right near london on... they got 1m of snow in a couple of days D: its brutal this year

Hayden ya I live in London too. Pretty bad when you see semis getting stuck off the 402, eh?

in my part of Canada (Newfoundland) it is 10 degrees Celsius and rainy, so Canadian winter isn't so bad. I would much rather snow and such though

All you would have to do is wait for the bus, Canada Winters aren't even cold

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I had a correction for you on the fml with the clothes... but you couldn't possible know when even Dumbledore said you didn't know.

why didn't you show him the middle finger?

hoh man. that'd'uh really shown him! ....

"Showing" people your middle finger isn't always the solution to your problem.

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itd be funny if he did but the driver couldnt tell cuz he had his mittens on :P

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Maybe because she's Canadian! We have more class than Americans!

agreed.. every bus driver I have encountered in Alberta stops for you..

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Yeah I'm from Edmonton and I remember our bus drivers being awesome. Seems like Alberta is above average for bus services though, considering the rest of the comments on here.

agreed>.< some bus drivers in Ottawa are such assholes (of course there are some really nice ones)!!! I was waiting for my bus couple of weeks ago, my bus drove right by me with me at the stop waiting to get on! >.<

yeah! Alberta=coolest bus drivers ever! w00t!

Edmonton ftw ! St Albert sucks though :(

Nowadays bus drivers and taximen do not know they are there to serve the people. Shane on them.

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44, thanks for stating the obvious... I know. :)

I lol'd at your joke because it was just so damn awful, Selena

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When you have a tedious job, you have to take some pleasure in small victories. Ditching losers who are so arrogant they think buses should wait for them is one of those wins. The fact you were stuck in the snow is just a bonus.

As someone already pointed out, bus drivers serve the public. I hope one day an ambulance decides to take off on you because you took too long answering the door.

You're really trying to get into it with the King of Sarcasm on FML? Not to mention that there is a very big difference between a bus driver and an ambulance driver. A bus driver has a very strict schedule to keep, and holding up an entire bus full of people (who actually WERE punctual enough to make it to their bus stops on time) just for one slow person is ridiculous. An ambulance driver, on the other hand, is there for ONE sick person who potentially needs to go to the hospital. Get a clue.

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doc you beat me to it I wanted to point out how stupid that was sry if double post

Haha Doc, you're a hoot. Sarcasm is tough to translate over the internet unless you know the person ;) And OP did say "by seconds", did he not? Have you ever been in a Canadian winter? Buses waiting for people isn't a courtesy, it's a requirement.

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Generally, buses waiting for you is actually not a requirement, but a courtesy. You're the one who is supposed to be waiting at the bus stop. If OP was just a few seconds trot away from the bus, the driver is indeed an @sshole. But, if it were a whole block, you're too much of a hold-up.