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Today, I found out that my wife of 5 years has decided to change everything: job, clothes, hair style, car, and me. FML
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This will get voted down no doubt however... There must be some reason why she has done this. If you didn't see it coming you must not have listened to her much or she's super spontaneous!


I hate when people do that. Usually it's for attention or to impress someone. =

Is she changing you or her significant other? Sorry confused

Revenge? Get her fired, shave her hair, burn her clothes, and make them break up. Just a suggestion...

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Do not be petty if she leaves, that will only reinforce her decision. The best revenge is success. Move on and be the best you can be. It may bother you, but don't let it show.

so funny to see all the kids give their 2 cents of comments on marraige advice, guess your parents dont need counciling !!!!!

Apparently you didn't fit or fall into her plan very well anymore. FYL

I guess that's better than your wife of 35 years leaving you, but sometimes optimism is not a good thing in a situation like this.

Midlife crisis to the extreme :') FYL OP

Maybe she is a secret government agent and somehow blew her cover and now has to change her identity and sever all ties to her previous life and therefore has a perfectly legitimate reason for this. So don't take it personally.

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I know this is going to get heat but I hope that you didn't leave the house. If she wants a change then she can find a place to live. Also fight her every step of the divorce so that she doesn't get alimony the house or anything. She want a change then leave her with nothing but the change in her pocket. And that is all I have to say on that

This will get voted down no doubt however... There must be some reason why she has done this. If you didn't see it coming you must not have listened to her much or she's super spontaneous!

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Sounds like the wife is pretty selfish. If she did all that spontaneously, well then that sounds like she's bi-polar. No one changes all that just because. There's a reason and OP couldn't have necessarily stopped her or saw it coming. A marriage takes a lot of work, from both sides.

51 - "Winning" Is -almost- as stupid as "arrow to the knee" jokes. Almost, but not quite.

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58..... How do you know the sex wasn't good? Were you spying On them from the tree outside their bedroom window?

I used to take arrows in the knee. Then I became bi-winning.

This strikes of a mid life crisis so hard. So it is likely not the op. the sheer fact she changed everything about herself implies an identity crisis which istotally on her.

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It actually sounds like she's found someone else. Those are usually the signs... Unless she's just having a mid-life crisis.

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Well honestly who knows maybe op is the one who made this happen. Not enough information to know if he or she was wrong on this one

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Oops, I meant to say he or his wife, the way I described it made it seem like didn't know what gender op was , 'm sorry

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It's a good thing she didn't change her gender, you have no idea.

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So what did she change of you?

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No she didn't. She gave him a makeover.


I don't think we'll ever know wheater she changed to another guy, or just changed everything about one guy, being OP.

Mid-life crisis? Be careful, it can be contagious!

No midlife crisis. Just "Extreme Makeover - Wife Edition"

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No, she just didn't want her new bf to see any proof of her old life. Her new name is IveNeverBeenMarriedAndYourRich. Aka Ashley.

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Well did you deserve it? Did you cheat on her or were you a lousy husband? I can't honestly agree with you if all you tell us is that she got rid of you. If she left you without explanation well then yes, fyl

Sure, 12... Just check out the newly created Fml memoirs website so you can read about the lives of people with all the detail and context clues.

New start for her , and a bad ending for you .