Parent-sanctioned violence

By Momma - 26/03/2021 13:01 - United Kingdom

Today, my daughter informed me that, in order to train the dumb out of her brother, she’s gonna slap him whenever he says or does something dumb. She’s slapped him 8 times already and unfortunately, each slap was justified. My boy is dumb as a box of rocks. Hope the slapping helps. FML
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It's called abuse. It's not funny, it's a crime.

Wow such great parenting. I feel bad for your son, having to live with you.


Wow such great parenting. I feel bad for your son, having to live with you.

You're dumb if you think that's the right way to handle the situation. How about if he says or does something that's not right, you verbally (can't believe I had to specify that) correct him? He won't know why what he did or said was wrong if you don't tell him what it was or why it's wrong. All you're doing is teaching your daughter to react violently instead of patiently. Condoning violence isn't the right answer when you're trying to raise children. Step up and be a parent.

It's called abuse. It's not funny, it's a crime.

I see the abusers disagree.

You're condoning bullying. Nice.

Has it helped? Bullying and violence isn't the answer.

Your daughter is abusing your son, and you're just going to let her, because you think it's justified?

Maybe Mom needs a slap or two to become a better parent? Seriously Mom, imagine you were on the receiving end of such treatment. Is that how you would want to be treated? I think not! And you are failing both your daughter and your son as a parent. Beating someone never makes them smarter. Perhaps your son has a developmental or learning disability. Maybe Fetal Alcohol syndrome - Did you drink alcohol when you were pregnant with your son? Are you trying to get help for your son or do you just enjoy seeing the abuse?

I could see my daughter coming up with this plan and using it on her brothers...and us having to intervene to stop it.

Well you DO know that boys get their intelligence from their mothers right?

If that's true your mom must be a huge idiot. Tell her to go back to school, and you go with her. Dumbass.

How about, and hear me out on this, tell you kid No. or is no a bad word?