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Today, I got fired from my job as a seafood manager because an entire wedding group came in and started yelling at me, saying the shrimp was horrible and I ruined their wedding. They showed me the leftovers; they never cooked them. They fed raw shrimp at a wedding dinner party. FML
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  mariepastyglue  |  30

yep whoever was in charge of catering that wedding, should seriously be taken to court, not only for ruining what should be a once in a lifetime thing, but also because a lot of people could have gotten extremely sick!

  4ube_fml  |  6

'Muricans will sue you if there are no instructions on what you can and can't do with anything. "open before eating", "do not refreeze", "don't put the cat in the microwave"...

There is no such thing as common sense XD

  rocketiquette  |  20

34- ain't just 'muricans homeslizzice. Stupidity is everywhere. It saddens me to know how much access people have to information, even on a device right there in their hands, yet people have only gotten moronically dumber and no longer care to question. They get told something and go "oh okay" like sheep instead of going "why is that?" like someone with a brain. *facepalmheaddesk*

  queenofirony  |  12

Nope, they can't and they don't.

(1) Prawns and shrimp are not the same thing. (2) Shrimp and prawn cocktails are usually served COLD, but certainly not raw.

If the shrimp you are looking at is pink, it it cooked. If it is clear/grey, it is raw.

  Wowxoxo  |  17

Maybe OP enjoyed the job? Even though food service managers are responsible for making the customer happy, they shouldn't be held accountable for customer stupidity.

By  EpicSquishii  |  21

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  Wowxoxo  |  17

I understood that, I'm saying there's nothing gross about it. Granted, everybody is entitled to his or her opinion, but there is no need for the snide comments.

  monnanon  |  13

sashimi, the fish in sushi, is actually cured using a marinade. it is not the same as eating raw fish it is more like eating smoked fish such as salmon.