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Today, I moved into a new house. The landlord insists it's OK for her to come up whenever she wants because she owns the house. We aren't allowed to lock the doors and she has two 8-year-olds. They come into the bathroom every time they hear the shower running. We have a clear shower curtain. FML
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No. No it's not okay. If I'm not mistaken that's illegal for her to do.

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Put a chair in front of the door. That will keep them out. It's not a lock...


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Put a chair in front of the door. That will keep them out. It's not a lock...

Let them see you doing something nasty one'll teach em for good

13- Unless they're in to that sort of thing...

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This is so illegal. Def something to breach the rental contract with. Any judge would rule in ops favor. This is a breach of his/her privacy. Of course there is always more to the story than one or two sentences on an fml site but from what it sound like, totally illegal.

True, but it might lead to OP being kicked out of the house..

Just lock the doors anyway and blackmail her. What's she gonna do?

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Not allowed to lock the doors? Moreover, not even the bathroom doors???? Wtf??

-_- Rednecks these days. They claim to be religious yet they pull this kind of crap.

What op needs to do is turn on the shower and wait for the little brats to run into the bathroom. Once they run in op should smack the piss out of them.

91) It does not matter where you are if it's America or Australia, there will always be some asshole that makes life hard on everyone. All you gotta do is feel sympathy for them and think " what a **** of a life they must have"

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Just buy a Michael Myers mask, and run the water. When they walk in on you, they most likely won't do it again. :)

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Or just get a non clear shower curtain...?

Did u read the rental agreement? Bc they can put a clause in there that says they're allowed to enter the premises with or without anyone on the lease present

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If the landlord put a clause in that they can enter with or without your permission there is nothing you can do. OP needs to go over her copy of the rental agreement and see if it's there. If not then they need to tell the landlord that she needs to stop or OP will go to court over breach of contract and make the landlord pay back rent and any money OP has given her.

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Move out. That can't be legal unless it's in the rental agreement and you signed it

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Yeah this is why people should read things before they sign them

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even if the landlord has it in the rental agreement that they can enter whenever,I'm pretty sure a judge would still rule in ops favor,as a landlord abusing this would be frowned upon,its mainly just to cover themselves so they can enter in an emergency,and telling someone they can't lock their doors,invading privacy,that's not right. as far as I know when you rent a home,that is YOUR space for the duration you stay.

lol well this one's new... that must suck tho...

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Well wouldn't that stink if you were frightened and "accidentally" beat them with your shower head. Tragic

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I see what you did there. But what if OP's a guy? :3

Or use some redstone and some TNT with a pressure plate somewhere to make a real nice trap :)

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First of all, there's two 8 year olds. Secondly, definitely not the central issue of this FML.

Hardly, they're inflicting it upon themselves. You've missed the point.

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It would appear miss, that you have lost the game.

34- Then do the 8-year olds share a single life? Why wasn't life made plural if you knew there were two of them? Don't react like they accused you of a crime. Just say you had a typo.

34) what were you trying to state then, cause I see no way how this can be a "**** the two 8year old lives" EDIT: unless they have some disability where thy run to the shower when they hear it.

34 is just trying to be a mean bitch, ignore her OP.

I'm sorry 3, but the 8 year olds are not in any way unhappy. They'd even not agree that their life deserves an FML. I'm sure they both are very happy they don't have to hide books or websites too ease their curiosity. They have a perfectly good woman showering upstairs who's for some reason listening to their crazed mother.

No. No it's not okay. If I'm not mistaken that's illegal for her to do.

It IS illegal. Move the **** out, fast. I was in a situation like that before OP, get out while you can.

23- calm down man 0.0 maybe they should try talking about it before op rushes out of the rented space like he(she) is being chased by some demented person with an axe.

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40--if you were paying to live in a place where your privacy wasn't respected and you felt helpless, you'd be a little desperate too. What OP's landlord is doing is illegal. And creepy. There are laws to protect tenants from exactly this shit. FYL OP. and if you can, get a new shower curtain...then call someone.

Certainly creepy, but OP didn't say "I checked the tenancy agreement and there is no clause giving permission to do this" - if OP didn't bother to read the whole agreement then it may actually give the landlord the right to do this. Normally there will be a clause saying they have the right to enter 'during normal business hours' or 'at a time which is not unreasonable', but if the landlord drafted the agreement and wanted the right to do this, they probably didn't draft it to exclude what they wanted to do.

Who?? Use the author's screenname or post # if you're going to post in response to someone else's. Alleviates a lot of confusion and makes you look somewhat competent. I didn't need to this time because I'm right below you.

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40- two 8 year olds are worse than a demented axe murderer btw

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131 I think 130 was referring to 129, which by the same reason you didn't include a number, means he doesn't have to either.

92, I don't thiink so. if the contract violates the law it's an illegal contract. the hard thing will be dealing with it. cops? lawyer? better business bureau?

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Minimum 24 hours notice is required in advance or it is illegal for anyone to enter the the house for anything other than an emergency unless there is a claus that states otherwise, and if there is and you singed it ydi opp read your contract

yeah thats illegal, at least where i am. owners have rights, but unless you signed something saying that its ok, then they cant do that. id do something abt that

It's actually not illegal for the owner of the home to drop by whenever they want, they still own the house, it is still theirs your just occupy it. It's nice when you are given a heads up but it is not needed. It's just wrong the way she does it, by bringing her kids and letting them walk in on you.

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Like that's the only problem.

For some reason I think she won't care about controlling her children.

I doubt the landlord will take OP seriously.

How about tell the landlord to stop being a weird creeper..

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6- OP shouldn't have to. It is certainly not okay for the landlord and his/her children to invade privacy like that.

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75) no I'm pretty sure that OP's landlord can get prosecuted for taking away OPs legal rights and privacy, I would assume parental services would take the children away as well for not controlling her children.

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She's referring to her previous comment, #75, in attempt to finish it. Either she is not aware of the Edit feature, she didn't realize her mistake until after the editing period had passed, or she thought it'd be cute to finish her sentence with another posting in order to sound cute or add a dramatic pause. It's still a fail in one way or the others.

135) if what you say is true then why did it take her 40 minutes to edit it, and why did she put the number of my post at the start?

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Move and report her if she hassles you about it. Landlords have to give you notice before entering your rented space.

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Either this is illegal, or you need to move to a country where the laws make sense.

In Pennsylvania, USA it is illegal to sleep on top of a refrigerator outside.

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33 - Crosses USA off of the list... Germany here I come.

In Germany, it is illegal to wear a mask. And pillows are considered a "passive" weapon.

61: Not exactly true. Both of it just refers to a public protest or demonstration (or similar). The law just says that people are not allowed to cover their faces there and that they are not allowed to bring items that might prevent the police from successfully intervening or that might be indicative of a disposition towards violence. AFAIK there is no official list of passive weapons :)

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It is illegal, it's classified as invasion/breaking and entering of privacy. If the landlady wants to come and do an inspection thats fine so long as she gives 1 week notice, now if she wants to come over the tenant needs to invite her in in order to be legally in the house.

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In Vermont, USA it is illegal to whistle underwater. Also physically impossible.

That's disguising. Sorry op, it's not your fault adults don't know how to be better parents and discipline. I'd trick them and lock them in the bathroom for as long as I'd want.