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Today, while having sex with my boyfriend, my phone rang. We continued to have sex while I took the call. It was my gyno calling to tell me that I tested positive for chlamydia and that I needed to tell my partner. Yeah, sex ended real quick. FML
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Why would you have sex before the results come back? Even if you think you're clean, better safe than sorry.

YDI for having sex while waiting for the test result. Especially if you didn't tell him you were getting tested.


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Way to make this all about you. At least the clap is curable!

How is relating to the story "making it all about her"? way to blow something out of proportions :-)

Why would you have sex before the results come back? Even if you think you're clean, better safe than sorry.

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Most people with chlamydia are asymptomatic and don’t know they have it. She probably didn’t realize she was getting tested or didn’t think much of it if/when the doctor told her she would get tested because it’s a routine part of a gynecological exam.

But the fact that she has it now and didn't before would more than likely insinuate that either A) She has a new partner and should have gotten tested anyways or B) Hasn't had a test in a while in which case she also should have waited for the results.

or maybe her be cheated so she had no way of knowing. when they do a regular gyno appointment they always test for stds. It's routine and so she may have thought nothing of it

No, because if she wasn't cheating she has nothing to worry about. Why should it only fall on the woman, and base it on her yearly obgyn tests? With your reasoning she can only have sex for a week or two, once a year!

Nowhere did I say it was only on her. It's on the guy as well, whoever gave it to her whether it be from the current guy or a previous one, to get tested at least occasionally and to divulge said information prior to entering a sexual relationship with someone. But obviously that didn't happen in this situation. And yes, even if she isn't cheating it can be an issue for her, if she has had multiple partners since her previous test. Then she has to tell the guy "surprise, we both have chlamydia now!" And how the hell are you getting a couple of weeks to have sex? Doesn't it only take a few days for results? Is it really that difficult to not have sex for a few days?

Your reply stated she could have waited for the test results. If she has to wait, then she should have sex once and then get tested again. Who knows how long they've been together? There's people who date for 10 plus years and there's no cheating, so a regular yearly pap smear is all you need. Being married or dating doesn't stop one from cheating one way or the other. There's no reason to 'wait for results' if she wasn't expecting it.

"Doesn't it only take a few days for results?" No, it actually takes about 2-3 weeks to get the results.

There are people who are together a long time, but that is completely irrelevant to the FML. If they were then there was more than likely cheating involved for this situation to happen. If OP was the one cheating then there's no sympathy for her, but if her partner was cheating then it would be in the FML. Sure it sucks that the most likely scenario is that the guy simply hasn't gotten tested or just didn't tell OP, but that is still something both parties should find out before entering into a new sexual relationship.

YDI for having sex while waiting for the test result. Especially if you didn't tell him you were getting tested.

OP is a guy maybe he got tested while in a relationship and caught it from his partner (I've heard of this happening to quiet a few people)

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OP is a girl. Men don't go to the gyno. The gender symbol is wrong somet9.

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The gender icon on this one is wrong. Gynecologists don't have male patients

I'm going to imagine that since it's her boyfriend, he's the one who gave it to her.

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I think the gender is listed wrong. Guys don't have a gyno so OP is female

Chlamydia can be detected after having a regular paper smear at a routine physical. She may not have known she had it and received it from her boyfriend who is cheating on her. The sex abruptly stopped because maybe she just realized who she got it from! Or, she's cheating and didn't realize she got it. But man, you need to learn how things get tested. You don't always notice symptoms and this girl was lucky her obgyn caught it!

My doctor tests me every time I go in wether I’ve switched partners or not or even want to get tested. She could have been only sleeping with him and he gave it to her without her knowing

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That's gotta be one hell of a boner killer.

Why did he stop? He wouldn’t be any less infected if he stayed in and finished.

She most likely stopped him, because he was the one cheating. :/

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we both got treated for it pretty easily and now we are clean.


Yep. That would make most guys shrivel and fall out pretty darn quick.

Look at you sharing an STD he must really love you!

Flip it around, she most likely got it from him. Pap smear from routine physicals gives you this info whether you want it or not. She seemed more surprised and stopped the sex because she realized he was cheating.

Every time I had my yearly exam my doctor would test me for chlamydia and gonorrhea. My insurance wouldn't pay for it if I don't get tested.