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Today, I ran the mile in gym class. I was the second to last person to finish, and I was left panting and feeling faint. When the teacher found out I hadn't come in dead last, he accused me of skipping a lap and is now making me rerun the entire thing. FML
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rg350dx 29

The word "no" is appropriate and applicable in this situation.

fuckmylife518 15

O.O What did you do to make him hate you so much??


fuckmylife518 15

O.O What did you do to make him hate you so much??

I'm guessing by the fact that he came second to last, he's not not athletic. That's enough for most PE teachers. Source: Years of PE teachers disliking me even though I tried my hardest. *sad face*

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

its just high school OP, quite a pathetic part of life. just get a passing grade and get out of there.

Those who can't invent, teach, those who can't teach, teach PE. You might not be athletic but I'm sure in the long run you won't be making high school student students run around a gymnasium. Unless of course that's what you want! Nothing wrong with that

Ugh, I've hated sports my whole life. Partly because of piss-poor teachers but mainly due to the way I was treated by the other students. It's genuinely amazing how nasty people can be because you can't kick a ball.

Teachers like this are what made me hate athletics. I would put in 110% effort, but because I sucked I'd barely get a passing grade. They really need to grade based on effort not ability and maybe kids wouldn't be so discouraged, and in turn stop exercising.

bamagrl410 31

50, implying that "those who can't invent, teach" and "those who can't teach, teach PE" is very ignorant and rude. There are some people who aspire to teach others or to study kinesiology because that's what they like to do. Everyone has different talents but that doesn't make one person less than another.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I can't believe you guys hated PE. That was the best period. Though it probably does depend on the teacher. I enjoyed doing the presidential physical fitness tests.

#72 you probably should've put "in my opinion" somewhere in that comment

74 - Obviously you could tell he was sharing his own opinion, and I'm sure most other people could as well. Saying "in my opinion" isn't generally necesary.

69, they have that in our school now, like if you manage to run 4 laps within 12 minutes and you are exhausted and gave it your all, you can still get the same grade as the person who ran 7 laps, all because of your effort.

#57 It's because these types are usually too stupid to have anything else in life, so they cling to it. I received similar abuse, then I moved up a P.E. set and suddenly we're all friends? I don't agree with that. So now I treat them like shit instead.

#71, never did I say they weren't just as important as all the other teachers. Didn't mean to offend

therealafroninga 10

Guys, this is why we need PE. The youth in America is extremely lazy and obese. I'm 17, I can play clarinet, and squat 315lbs and bench 190lbs. I get off my ass, and go ride my bike. I play football, both for my school, and for fun outside. I achieve a solid 3.75 GPA in AP and accelerated courses.

Sounds like a gold star sticker moment, congrats on your squats man, really, I'm impressed.

@119, is it hard to do squats from way up there on your high horse?

119 - What does playing the clarinet have to do with anything?

hey 119, you forgot to brag on the hairstyle too. get over yourself

therealafroninga 10

Haha, wow. I didn't know there were so many anti-atheletics out there. And playing the clarinet, and my GPA show that athletics aren't my only focus. It may sound like I'm on a "high horse", but really, I'm saying, it's not impossible to be both, get out there and get off your asses.

Depends on your situation, Afro. Some people don't have the environmental stimuli to be motivated to do everything, where you grow up, your self worth, your quality of life and income play a huge role in your athletic and academic success, it doesn't take a gifted person to be successful but at the same time not everyone is "sitting on their asses" instead of getting out there. There's also other things to be good at than academic and athletic traits.

fuckmylife518 15

People have problems, you know 119. For example I've been in 4 comas and hospitalized over 20 times, I've had catheters, NG tubes, and up until a couple years ago, I didn't know it wasn't standard procedure to get an IV when going into the ER. That completely cut out any hand-eye coordination and I can't metabolize protein to make muscles so there goes that. Now would you call me lazy or a fighter? You never know but there may be some underlying reason as to WHY people can't do everything as easily as you can. Not everyone was made perfect.

therealafroninga 10

Look, I feel sorry that life took a big shit on you. I realize some people have it rough. A buddy of mine wanted to train but his stage 4 cancer kinda put a damper on the training. I know some people can't physically do it. But the OP never once said," I have *insert physical disability here*". And there is no way, that half of the 1/3 of America that is obese have these extreme medical problems.

Like I stated, it's not just medical problems, equally important is your environmental influences, mental quality of life and lots of other things

therealafroninga 10

That was mainly for 153. And you're right. I agree completely, because I feel that if I was paralyzed, or lost the ability to at least maintain my physical fitness, I would feel life past that wouldn't be worth living. Both my parents were athletes, and I guess I'll try to get my future children interested. After all, what's life worth, if you can't really live it.

Thanks for clearing that up, nobody means to pick on you we just get defensive because you generalized. Generalizing is a dangerous thing my friend, especially here. Tread softly my friend

rg350dx 29

The word "no" is appropriate and applicable in this situation.

perdix 29

#2, really? I think in this case, the OP would be better off if he said, "*gasp* *wheeze* *gasp* *wheeze* *gasp* *wheeze* *gasp* *wheeze* *gasp* *wheeze* *vomit* *faint*."

rg350dx 29

I personally would prefer to be the person who told off the gym teacher rather than the kid who couldn't run the mile without vomiting and then passing out in it.

64 - I can understand a sloth passing out after the mile run; but, I must admit, it'd be more amusing to see one telling off the gym teacher.

Right. I would say no, because I hate the mile run and would never like doing it twice in one day

You skipped? I've been running all wrong, it seems. What's next? Playing hopscotch? Might take a couple minutes off my time.

moonsalt 20

I was thinking the same thing when I first read this. Lol.

lol he meant running 3 laps instead of 4 not skipping instead of running

That just went right over your head there didn't it #39,

Can't the person who came in last vouch for you?

This takes "Hot for Teacher" to a whole next level..

It will be like 'Are you in this with him? You can now joined him as well!!!!!!!'

I would simply not do it. Either that or slowly walk the entire way taking as long as humanly possible.

Depending on What State, Refusing Run the mile automatically Fails You.

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IworkAt711 14

But if the PE teacher is saying he didn't, and then tells the OP to run it again and the OP doesn't run again the teacher can fail the OP.

dontpanic_fml 32

Don't know why these comments are getting thumbed down. I'm wondering where you guys went to school that you could say no to the teacher when you felt like it without consequences.

#114, oh, and consequences are absolutely terrifying, aren't they!

For me it was 20 minutes because some asshole told the teacher I took a short cut-so he made me go back to where i was accused of taking said short cut and keep adding on to the time.

lemme guess, was the gym coach one of the coaches that makes you always run but he is out of shape? just say no to him, you ran enough... I hate running

glamorous18 10

I had an overweight track coach in high was comical lol.

Refuse to do it unless they can offer evidence as to your supposed cheating.

evilraider 5

Yes because that will totally help

Corrupt_waffles 13

I almost feel as if 9 is saying actually skip a lap. Like the movement of skipping. It is great advice and I would do it flamboyantly. I hated PE teachers like that. I had one that made me run despite a pinched hip nerve and a doctors note to stay off it. I walked the whole damn thing.

My point of that is it's just gym class, and it's just a mile. If OP didn't skip a lap the first time, there would clearly be a difference in time when they did. That alone would be worth making a fool out of the teacher in my opinion.

Take it as a surpassed even his expectations! Keep improving, Op, you'll prove your coach to be the asshat in the end! ;)