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Today, it was my 17th birthday. My mom forgot and my best friend is out of town. The highlight of my day? The guy at McDonald's slipped an extra apple pie in my bag. FML
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You do know that the price is the same for both one and two so they automattically give you two when you order one right?


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hahhahahahaha that is so funny well at least you got an apple pie lmfao

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He should be your best friend for the day just follow him around. haha

Yeah lol. Idk I don't ever make a big deal about my birthday, I wouldn't have a problem if it wasn't that big, I don't even tell my friends it's my birthday haha

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lol I don't tell anyone it's my birthday, even family. I actually wait to see who remembers. This year, my friend planned to take me out a week before my birthday. She didn't say anything to me on my birthday. She said it the next day - why? Because her Ball Joint Doll's birthday is the day after mine. A ******* doll's birthday reminded her of mine haha what a shitty friend.

I don't tell my friends if it's my birthday either. I actually don't really care for them. I just like it when someone remembers and says happy brithday. I don't even care about presents. Just a simple happy birthday is fine. Not to say that the OP's situation doesn't sucks...

I'd be piiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssseeeeeeeeed. I hate apple pie.

lol 112 that should be an fml at least this guy got an apple pie

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no dude..try always give 2apple pies for a follar! but sorryyyy!!

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Wow. You turn 17. Who cares? It's just a birthday. Just because you're a day older doesn't mean that you should expect the whole world to congratulate you.

We do that when they expire (I work at McDonalds)

You do know that the price is the same for both one and two so they automattically give you two when you order one right?

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wow OP was just starting to feel a little better and you just completely threw him off the bus..LOL

I completely laughed out loud to that reply. It's true though, 2 pies for the price of one.

not true..atleast not where I live. It is 2/$1 but it is like 89cents for 1....not a significant difference but OP can still claim he got a free pie =)

I don't know, whenever I order an apple pie they give me two as well...

haha well I live in North Carolina like OP and at most of the McDonalds around here it's two for a dollar, but one is also a dollar because I got all excited about getting an extra once until my friend pointed that out

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after tax 1 is like 1.01 and 2 is 1.02. so it's like a pie for a penny. or at least that's how it is where i work

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I always wondered why they gave me 2 apple pies. :0

Haha hope it tasted extra good! Happy birthday!

Yea I'm assuming that OP is one of those chicks that make a big deal outta everything. My parents didn't give me anything except a "happy birthday" for my 17th and 18th birthday so you should really stop whining. This isn't a FML at all, its just someone being a crybaby

ya but your parents remembered..... to OP happy birthday! enjoy the pie :)

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i don't even remember my 17th birthday .... $ im 17 .

happy birthday. but im getting tired of these "today, its my birthday, everyone forgot. FML"

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Happy birthday! But WHY IS THAT BAD??? Apple pies rock !!!

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I didn't get anything for my 17th birthday [ a month ago] and my parents forgot about it as well, but you don't see me bitching about it on FML. seriously,grow the **** up. there's worse things that could have happened to you,stop whining.

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Completely agreed. Just last week my dad assured me that he wouldn't forget about my birthday because my aunt's is on the 9th of next month and he knows mine is right after that. MINE is on the 9th. And it's just not that big of a deal. Certainly not an FML situation. This site is getting really dull and whiny as of late.

No way... And you just posted about how bad your 17th birthday was... I could've sworn that this was fml but wow.. Seriously, you just did what you said you weren't doing. To OP, that sucks!!! But like everyone says at least you got that yummy apple pie.

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I went to my friend's funeral on my birthday. Wish I could've had an apple pie.

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how do u delete a double post

I don't think you can do anything once the time expires. I could be wrong though..

You can't do anything even before the two minute window expires. If you could, that'd be a whole different brand of convenient. I'd guess it would look something like "Comment removed by author" in italics or something similar to what YouTube has if FML came around to adding this. I miss the report option.