By TwirlyWhirl - United States - Cincinnati
Today, at a bar, I overheard two attractive men speaking in French. I went over and tried to introduce myself with what little French I know. They looked at me like I was crazy and then said in English, "What are you doing?" Turns out they weren't speaking French. FML
TwirlyWhirl tells us more :
Hey everyone, OP here. This actually happened a few months ago when I was studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland. Yes, I had already had a few drinks. I was also with several other study abroad students who were from Spain and Italy and everyone unanimously agreed that the two men were speaking French. It probably didn't help that we weren't very close to them and it was loud in the bar. The two men were actually from Denmark and they were speaking Danish. I definitely learned my lesson never tried to do anything like that again.
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By  Quendolin  |  24

The awkwardness that came up thereafter was strong enough to kill a small to medium-sized dog!

By  Quendolin  |  24

The awkwardness that came up thereafter was strong enough to kill a small to medium-sized dog!

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

That's a horrible idea considering she obviously doesn't know French enough to speak it well or even understand what other people are saying, or to know if it's a completely different language being spoken. :)

  Jowisee  |  29

Yes but it sounds as if the men didn't speak French, in which case OP could ramble on about anything as if they were French themselves without the men knowing what they were saying.


You kinda messed this joke up on several fronts... first, in french, the word you're thinking of is spelt with a P, not an F - phoque. Second, it means seal, not walrus. (walrus is morse). Finally, unrelated to the joke itself, the french school program is called french immersion, rather than french emersion. Sorry to be so fussy, but it just stuck out at me :P

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By  9a_1z  |  12

Did you find out what language they were speaking? I'm trying to think what languages sound like French, though I suppose it's probably a bit harder to differentiate different European languages if you're American.


Actually Farsi is very French-sounding (due to extensive French influence), and I commonly (fondly) refer to Portuguese as "Spanish spoken with a French accent". Armenian is also a candidate.

Danish... I would not have guessed. But fuck them for making it awkward and not being kind to you.