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  PhoenixFiend  |  0

I did the same thing with a glove. The only difference is that I managed to pull the bracket off when I tugged thinking the string would break.
I'd say fyl butttt it looks like your railroad tracks managed to stay on your face :)

  PhoenixFiend  |  0

#10; pulling the brackets off isn't really too painful. It's the wire sticking out because the brackets aren't in their correct spot that kills.
Easy fix at the ortho but imagine eating with a wire poking you in the back of the mouth o:


braces suck I used to have them =/
But think about it, when you get the remaining carpet out of your brackets and they come off,
You'll have perfect teeth!
Unless you don't brush then you'll have stains from the cement, which is gross :)

  n_maher  |  0

#34 FTW means for the win. it's a nerd term. :) and hahahaahaha op that's awesome, that happened to my boyfriend when we were little, with my hair.... akward much?!?

  toddin  |  7

Um, how the hell does anyone manage that? Even if they did get stuck I couldn't imagine not being able to pull away easily with maybe a few fibers, unless you have shag? I've never experienced getting anything too terribly stuck in my braces, so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about.

By  lemonlimejuices  |  0

were you like making out with the rug then?

By  swimchic007  |  0

Ok, so your braces got stuck, but your mom cut them out without damaging you or your braces I guess... I don't see much of an fml. More like hahaha you were attatched to a rug for a few minutes.

  PhoenixFiend  |  0

That's the point of FML..a funny story where you would say FML because you were embarrassed or something similar.
This site has gotten too serious.
I like laughing at people's bad experiences. I don't go on here to feel sorry for people. I've got enough real FML in my own life that the "my dog died" ones on Here are simply depressing.