By Too Many Credits - 8/4/2017 20:00
Today, after having too many projects for end of term, I asked to borrow my sister's paper that she used for the same class last year. After submitting it online, I found the example paper that the teacher handed out. My teacher used my sister's paper from last year as an example for us. FML
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By  barleyguy  |  17

im sorry to hear that but everyone struggles in school. and its not kuch of an excuse to cheat like that. i hope your in highschool where the worst you'll get is a 0 as a mark and not in university where the penalties are more severe. best of luck

By  JadeMinu  |  10

YDI. I dont think it would have killed you to get yourself more prepared for all those projects. You could've started them right when you got them... Been there, done that, and trust me, it's possible to do.

By  OCD_NME  |  17

They obviously made you plagiarize with giving you so many assignments. I would stick to lying. I know it didnt work there but whats the chance they used your sisters as an example? Just tell them you were looking at the example while editing and accidentally sent it by mistake after "editing" your name on to it. Then you deleted your assignment thinking it was the example one and emptied your trash right after because you ran out of disk space. Then fill up your hard drive with cat videos and show the teacher. They will then think your lonely and take pity on you and you will have a better chance of not getting the zero that you deserved.

By  PenguinPal3017  |  19

Okay, so here's what you do. Lie. You were using a family computer or your laptop used to be your sister's. You accidentally selected her paper rather than your own. Hopefully your name wasn't in the paper or in the filename, but even if it was, more lies. The paper was stored on the computer just called like "history_205_paper" and the last thing you did before submitting was add in your name.

You and your sister use the same naming conventions. She taught you how to name files. That is why the filename was what you were looking for. You were just in the wrong folder.

You should set up all the evidence on your laptop. Make it look like an honest mistake. You simply uploaded the wrong file.