By sucksforme - United States
Today, I parked in front of a grocery store and took the portable GPS system off the mount on the dashboard and put it in my pocket so no one would break into my car and steal it. When I got back, the window was smashed and someone had stolen the plastic mount. FML
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  Poonheart  |  0

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  Kempiet_fml  |  0

Someone once smashed my car window in NZ and all they stole was a pad of plain paper and a belkin ipod charger. and there were surf boards and wet suits in the back.


Sure they would. Leaving the mount sitting there means you HAVE a GPS, and most people just put it in their center console or glovebox when they're not in the car, not their pocket. So the thief probably assumed there was a GPS unit, then got irritated when there wasn't and took the mount to be a dick.

  LewJH  |  0

Anyone else find it amusing how Poonheart seems to think he's the dogs bollocks by acting all tough by implying he knows how "theives operate."
People are fucking stupid, this wouldn't surprise me whatsoever. Go die Poonheart :)

  girlskill  |  0

I'm pretty sure this "shit" isn't fake because somebody broke into my car because my gps CHARGER was out. People break into cars all the time just because they mount is out because they know that a gps could be in the car. Don't be such an ass poonheart. OP you should've taken off the mount alsoooo.

  will90  |  5

I think that #51 is giving the lowlifes that take what doesn't belong to them waaaaay too much credit. Common sense is a rare and precious commodity amongst those "people."

  GENeSiS_32  |  0

What if they needed a fucking plastic mount? What stupid ass criminal BUYS a plastic mount for something? Were you there? Do you know what the fuck happened? No, so shut the fuck UP.

  pcentral  |  17

My car was broken into because I left the gps mount on the windscreen as well. The thief obviously assumed the gps was in the glovebox (it wasn't - I had it in my bag with me). The police said it happens all the time. Sometimes the thieves get lucky, sometimes they don't.

By  Fadakar  |  0

My dad did this in my car, but instead of taking it out he covered it with a hat, needless to say he was outsmarted and I lost valuable shit. FML too, man.

By  drybamboo  |  0

If you're going to bother taking out the GPS to prevent someone from seeing it and taking it, you should have also taken out the plastic mount. All that did was tell the thief that you had one and probably hid it in your glove compartment or under your seat.