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Today, I filled out an application at WalMart after being unable to find a job in three months. I just graduated from law school. With honors. FML
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That really sucks. Damn the economy! I hope you find something better soon.

Yes, how DARE the OP expect a fair return on her investment in law school.


That sucks =/ Good luck trying to find a better job x) +first xp

YDI for going to college and expect to find a job, just graduate from high school and get a manual labor job. bang bang skeet skeet

so walmart is ur solution??? YDI for not thinking of other fields, how about transportation, marketing, or maybe accounting/finance??? JUst bc u can't get a job as a lawyer, doesn't mean u have to be a greeter or whatever @ Wally world!!

op, you need some experience, do internships or work for homeless shelters, just a degree isnt enough

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That's how it goes.. Especially in these times. **** all our lives.

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That really sucks. Damn the economy! I hope you find something better soon.

Another FML about some college graduate that expects that employers will just be begging to hire them.

Yes, how DARE the OP expect a fair return on her investment in law school.

She's getting a "fair return" on her investment, dumbass. Investments carry inherent risks. When you go into a field that is already flooded with people who can't find jobs, the risk is that you aren't going to be able to find a job. When that risk materializes, it's no less "fair" than if her investment had turned into a six-figure biglaw job.

You know, the economy wasn't SHIT when the OP started studying law. Once you're in... it's better to finish than to quit in the middle AND still have to pay back all the loans. At least if you finish you have a CHANCE of getting a decent job to pay them off.

66 - The legal sector was flooded with unemployed attorneys when she started. That situation has been around for several years. Even if it weren't, the rosy prospects of three years ago don't change the fact that she is still getting a fair return on her investment. Also, you may want to look into opportunity costs and the sunk costs fallacy before commenting on this one again.

Just what I was about to say, Rightsaidred. When she went into the field, the US economy wasn't so crappy. But when you've already put in, say, three out of four years, why would you change your major? Of course there's risks, but there weren't as many when she started as there were at the finish. And almost every major at this point in the US is worth bullshit. So stop calling people "dumbass" until you've used that blank space in your head to think things through, sheriffbart. And Tubasaurus, of course she's going to expect a job. Lord knows what she just spent a year to get a law degree, and now she can't even use it.

Haha, have seen quite a few of those. Everyone just replies with things about the economy or politics or some such shit. There are jobs out there. The truth is, wherever you go in this life, it isn't so much what you know, it's who you know. Networking and using people skills to make some important acquaintances will go a long way.

97 - The dumbass is the commenter who didn't think the OP was getting a "fair return" on her investment. One goes to law school knowing that it will take three years (not four, as a general rule, and it's not an undergrad major in the U.S., so perhaps you should grab a chair until something you have a clue about comes by, dumbass), and that the landscape is subject to change in those years. In other words, there is no guarantee that entering law school will translate to a well-paid job, no matter how good the economy is. Failure is just as fair a return on that investment as success. And by the way, I used that "blank space" to graduate law school and actually get a job as an attorney, dumbass.

SheriffBart - YOU are the dumbass. Stop pretending, or at least trying desperately, to be smart, and shut the **** up. Stop claiming she deserves it for becoming a lawyer, when you're one of the idiots flooding that god-awful field, you filthy ******* hypocritical glorified liar. Get a life and stop checking the comments every two seconds to find a new one you can argue. Or is it because you, too, are out of a job and you feel the need to refresh your disgusting arguing "skills"? Dumbass.

Jesus Christ, you people are ******* retarded. Here's a hint: if you're going to call someone a dumbass, understand what he's saying first. She took a risk. It didn't go her way. That's how the ******* world works, and isn't unfair in the slightest. And no, I'm gainfully employed and considered a significant asset by my firm. No "pretending" is necessary. It really doesn't take much time to argue with you dumbfucks, and if I needed to hone my arguing skills, I'd go somewhere that provided a challenge (read: not here).

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Ok, first let us all understand that those of us who have actually pursued higher education are told, and believe that Lawschool (in this particular instance) is an INVESTMENT in EDUCATION, not the damn Stock Market, so your whole bullshit argument that you might lose it all and you better just accept that is rediculous. The fact of the matter is, we are taught from the time that we are young to "stay in will pay off!!!" The FML about this is that although we are told it will "pay off" no one mentions how long that might take. And For those of us who work our asses off to put ourselves through school by working, or taking loans out or any combination of the both have a very difficult time accepting a lack of income and a serplus of bills. Sorry, not everyone is a trust fund baby, and Im sure the last time YOU checked law school is 3 years and about 40-50 grand a year, which puts the average law school graduate about 150 grand behind the 8 ball, on top of whatever they may have incurred for undergraduate school. This is AMERICA, everyone should be able to get an education, not the wealthiest of the wealthy, so shut the **** up that too bad the investment didnt pan out the way they thought it would. We are allowed to take out loans BECAUSE "a higher education will pay off." So before you go slinging shit at people and their opinions why dont you think yourself for a second. the fact of the matter is, EVERYONE, the student, the LOAN COMPANY, EVERYONE involved in law school believes that it is a worthwhile investment. it SUCKS ASS that the OP spent HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars for an education and is now working at McDonalds or wherever he applied (I cannot recall now that I am responding) Hopefully the OP will have better luck as time passes, but in the meantime, Im sure his school loans now that he is out is costing him more than his rent is...sad but true. The WHOLE SITUATION Is a FML, INCLUDING the crazy price of law school. Let me tell you something, as someone who works hard for everything that I have, including law school, which I will be paying off for the rest of my life, reading a comment like yours makes me want to punch your damn lights out, you snooty little bitch!!!

You make an awful lot of unfounded assumptions in your screeching, cunty little rant. For instance, you assume that I'm not paying off student loans (and specifically student loans for law school). Sallie Mae disagrees. Second, you assume that you understand my argument. You don't, and your post shows it. My argument is that having no job three or four months after graduation is a fair return on her investment, because there is no guarantee of a job at the end of the law school rainbow, and, more generally, that all investments carry risks. Not being able to find a job after graduation is the main risk associated with law school, no matter how much your third tier toilet twists the data to up its employment rate. Let me say it another way: you are not entitled to a job because you graduated law school, and the idea that only success is a "fair return" is disgusting. Third, you assume that at any point I've taken up an argument against the OP, when my arguments all along have been aimed at the dumbass commentors whose ranks you have now joined. Fourth, you assume that anybody with an ounce of critical reading ability will believe that my comments anger you because you work for everything you get. It's abundantly clear that the reason is you haven't yet come to grips with the risk you took on when you entered law school.

Seriously, sheriffbart. Get a life. If we're not worth arguing with than why are you wasting your time? For goodness' sake, PLEASE go to hell. And everything Brilliantbarbie said was true. Now, **** off and go die, you stupid stuck-up piece of shit.

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First of all, dont call me a **** you classless little kiss your mother with that mouth?? Although you seem to be the type to go off on a tangent on that all about how "my mother is dead" regardless just for arguments sake. Maybe somebody should have taught you some manners in your lifetime and maybe taught you about how to appropriately interact with someone. I made NO "unfounded assumptions" as a matter of fact... YOU were the one who said the OP deserved the situation, and being unemployeed applying for a job at walmart is a "fair return".NO you dumb little bitch. The fact of the matter is it takes alot to push through law school, and anyone who completed the program and spent the $$$ for it DESERVES a job. I understand its not guaranteed, however its EXTREMELY disenheartening to know you have been in school upwards of 19 years and you could have just started working at walmart 13 years ago and been manager by now...You have NO arguement worth understanding...I GET that your arguement is that law schools an investment, no jobs guaranteered, sucks to be you maybe you shouldnt have gone to law school then. We ALL get you, and we ALL still maintain your a stupid bitch, so how bout that? For the SECOND TIME, its not like he/she invesed in the stocks and lost it all, they invested in their education, which is SUPPOSED to pay off. WTF do you think a "Fair return" would be OTHER than SUCCESS?? Please tell me, because that was the most STUPID thing I have heard all day. Seems like YOUR the one that got all the handouts...right?? YOU knew the people in high places, so its ok that YOU have (presumabely) a great job at a great firm, but anyone else who doesn't, too bad? Your a self-important, self'-absorbed bitch. The only thing I really can hope for is a FML tomorrow about how your shitty lawfirm went under and now u can't feed your kids because you can't get a job and thats "your fair return." Also, I worked for an attorney while between undergraduate and law school... full time... he was elected DA and will be in the position for 4 years, lawschool taking 3. Dont you tell me that its "abundantly clear" that Im second guessing my decision with law school...I am well aware that I will be employeed before I take my tassel off you assuming little bitch. I just understand what it would be like had I NOT lined up my ducks prior to making my decisions, and I also recognize not EVERYONE has the same opportuinities as me, as I do not have the same as many others.

Your cool using that "blank space". You must be a genius or something

Didn't you start the name calling by saying snooty little bitch at the end?

I get what you mean. Not everyone has a job waiting for them after school. The lucky few who do are just that lucky. No need to argue over something so plain stupid though. "Never argue with an idiot they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience."

I feel your pain. I'm a certified welder, in three processes, and have applied to McDonalds. =S FOL (F Our Lives), as #3 said.

its a recession, what do you expect? to be the best lawyer in the whole world? education doesn't mean as much as the people you know - make some good connections.

It sucks but that's life these days. This would be a real FML if Wal-Mart wouldn't take your ass, either.

I wouldn't be so sure that Wal-mart will be happy hiring someone who has knowledge of the law. They're looking at your application thinking "LAWSUIT!" If you do get an interview and they ask you what you know about Labor Law, play dumb and say, "I tink the law of labor is de worker should work hard for da boss and let da boss pay what he tink is fair. Dat's why he da boss." That would be the smartest thing you've done in three years.

LOL Trust Plexico and you will get the job.

The unfortunate thing is that these sort of bottom-feeding jobs are probably one of the only things she can do until something in her own field turns up. Any prospective employer will immediately note that given the divergence between the degree and the job in question, she will just be biding her time until something she wants to do is available, then immediately jump ship. Playing dumb on the other hand opens up a wide range of options, odd how that works.

Exactly, and I hope OP takes that into consideration. There are lots of articles out there on how to trim down a resume so that applicants like OP won't appear to be way overqualified for positions like these. OP, hang in there. Good for you for doing what you can to stay afloat. I know some people who have refused to apply for retail or service type jobs in the meantime because they think it's "below them." I just want to shake them and say, "Tough luck, but you gotta do what you gotta do!" The important thing is not to take it personally or to let it get to you, and just do whatever you can to ride out this recession. Best of luck to you!

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Bullshit.. The ghettos in my area are even worse than they used to be.

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Less jobs = Everyone except for the ulta rich gets ******.

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That was another comment response for #9 btw.