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Today, we had to give a surprise speech in speech class on two of our best and closest friends. My first friend was my mom. I had to make up the other one. FML
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It's okay OP! it'll get better! At least you have a close bond with your mom!


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Although you just commented this for OP, I bet you yourself has friends

#19, please stop replying to EVERY SINGLE FIRST POST in an effort to be seen. It forces me to read your stupid comments every day, and to be honest most of them get buried anyway, so I'm surprised you haven't noticed how annoying you are.

29, If you tell them that you see their comments everyday, you are only encouraging this behavior.

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29- I know what you mean. Booda Shun, please tone it down a little. Your comment here is alright, but you don't need to comment on every FML.

Finally someone else noticed I thought I was the only one

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Actually that isn't true, 29. Most replies I make to the first comment don't get buried. And even if they do, why are you complaining? Just don't click on them if you don't wanna read them!

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I am sure you know everyone needs friends

Your mom will always be your friend, she's the best friend you can have. And I feel you, I was loner for a long time as well. Just wait a little and you find good friends. Good luck :)

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booda Shaun ugly piece of shit Indian no one likes u

I know how you feel OP :/ I've been dealing with a lot of crap recently and I feel like no one is there. Just try to make some new friends and it will all turn out right :) I promise.

#29 Fml is meant to be posted on so calm down

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74- I have a deep feeling u r a mom commenting

It's okay OP! it'll get better! At least you have a close bond with your mom!

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And hey! At least you know how to excessively use exclamation points!

And at least you know how to be an asshole!

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21- Oh God! She used three! How could she do that! It's like the end of the world! How can you go on knowing she used three exclamation points! It's madness I tell you!! Madness!!!

So did Norman Bates and we all know how that turned out

No, we don't all know. How did that turn out? Did the Vince Vaughn remake outsell the original?

Yes, OP, stay creepily close to your mom so someday she can replace all the photos of your girlfriend (if you get one) with her own.

My mom is one of my best friends, nothing to be ashame about :)

As they say, a dog is a mans best friend.

I'm just waiting for the requisite "your mom is my best friend too" joke.

#64 How is that a requisite joke? And as for OP, chin up. Friends aren't a "requisite." They can actually be quite a burden most of the time. I always had the luxury of not having any in my younger days... and to this day I still choose not to have friends, because during war times they can be captured and tortured for information about me.

Nothing wrong with having your mum as your best friend! In a way they're less likely to do all the bitchy stuff some other people might do. If you really want some friends get out there and be more sociable, maybe even make some friends in that class! Don't let anything stop you!

OP, seriously, you cannot be so unique that no one shares common interests with you. Start talking to people. Find groups in your area that are into the same stuff (sports, movies, gaming, intellect, whatever) and meet with them.

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I'll second that. I have no friends, either!

dont take such advise, findout for yourself so you can say they are over rate. Dont let OP get comftable in that situation by saying stuff like that.OP, the problem is definetly you, but dont worry, u arent one in a million, so you can follow how others overcame thier various problems. This should be the cue to get you doin something, whether profesional asistance or personal determination - have friends, then for you, they may be over rated or not - but fyl, it does suck

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#35 you should befriend a dictionary.

english is a second language, sorry - ndati,ngatange aitashamwari azozvizivira kuti shamwari hadzinabasa - translation - op should make friends so that op can say by him/herself that friends are over rated, dont encourage op saying friends are overated whilst in other situations they help beyond what you could expect from family. OP, try make friends. (there is no fmylife in my native language - so suck up my incorect gramma and mispeld words till they make one)

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Umm I have a wonderful life :) thank you for your concern #35

That's sad, OP. But I am sure your imaginary friends will always be there for you.

I hate it when I get all lovey dovey with a girl and a voice on another end tells me to shut up and go to sleep :(

But OP, it's wonderful you have a close relationship with your mother, but I'm sure there has to be someone else, maybe a old friend you haven't seen in ages yet you guys were really close friends? That sucks, OP! Good luck that you will make more, and become closer and happier with your friends. :)

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I'm pretty close with my mom, but there's just some stuff I feel I have to tell my friends and not my mom. Plus, you have to grow up and leave your mom sometime. It sucks OP, but that's life. And it gets easier :) I hope lol

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Don't be ashamed, I have no best friend or even my mom. So be proud and very very grateful you have her in your life and that you consider her your best friend!!

Being best friends with your mom is awesome!! A lot of people lack that kind of relationship :)