By Anonymous - 22/04/2016 19:41 - United States - Las Vegas

Today, I caught my 7 year old sister poking a dead bird with a stick, causing maggots to start coming out of the bird's sad little body. I was horrified and threw up. She won't stop mocking me for being a "sissy". FML
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Ah, the worms will finally have their revenge on the early bird!

She's just curious. It sucks though that she has a stronger stomach than you.


She's just curious. It sucks though that she has a stronger stomach than you.

When I was around the same age I picked a dead bird up by it's wing. Some kid down the road started screaming and accusing me of trying to throw it at their house, so I dropped it, on their car windscreen. I wasn't a very nice kid.

Nah, #19. Kids are curious about death and stuff like that. As long as they're actually not killing/hurting animals themselves it's not that unusual or worrying.

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Plus I don't think she understands the full implications if the maggots. It's not just bugs on the dead thing (probably what she thinks) it's the dead thing being completely rotten within and being maggot filled that's disgusting to OP, who can process what's being seen better.

Ehh, its just a weak stomach dont worry. This could be good for your sister, it means she could easily be a doctor or nurse :)

What a wonderful thing to read before going to sleep. Now I'm going to have nightmares of maggots.

so i guess we are just going to ignore the sociopathic red flag here?

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What do you mean. Its not a bad thing, it just means she is curious and not afraid.

It would be more sociopathic if she killed the bird herself.

yes and i agree with that but shes 7 years old happy to poke a dead animal with a stick. i just feel as though a 7 year old girl would be more inclined to cry over a dead animal rather than poke at it..

^that's a wee bit sexist. When I was that age I had been helping my dad clean the birds he killed for at least 2 years.

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When I was a kid I had a way stronger stomach for doing and seeing nasty stuff and did terrible things to bugs I guess death and gross things associated with it don't mean that much when you're that young

Same. When I was a kid I was really interested in dead things and how they decomposed and now I cry my eyes out over dead animals. Kids are weird and more curious than upset about death, often. Especially if they haven't had a relative die and haven't faced loss/death personally. As long as they're not causing pain and stuff to animals it's pretty common and not a sign of sociopathy or any other disorder.

I guess I'm a sociopath because I used to play with worms and bugs and when my uncle took me fishing I played with the dead fish. Grew up to be a writer by the way.

I agree with #23, when I was 7, I used to collect and play with ants, and when I was even younger, my aunt showed me a rat she dissected for her university thesis. The six year old me thought that was the coolest thing ever. For the record, I'm a girl. On the other hand, my eight year old male cousin cries at the sight of blood, so it all depends on the person. Not everyone experiences childhood the same way.

It's not sociopathic in itself (or at all really). Killing/hurting animals during childhood is a sign that the child might go on to want to hurt people though.

Ah, the worms will finally have their revenge on the early bird!

Because she caused the OP to lose her breakfast? I like it.

you turned my simple pun into a meaningful comment.. how cool is that ! :)