By RachelD - 17/7/2021 18:01 - United States


Today, I can’t make it to my friend’s birthday party because my dog died this morning. I called my friend to inform her and she screamed at me because a "dumb animal" is more important than her best friend. Oh, and she asked me if that also means she won’t be getting a present. FML
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By  Corey Blair Janvier  |  2

your friend sounds like how do you say? A super duper extra large asshole

By  Leanne Holmes  |  5

Yeah- that's not a friend. When my dog died in November my friend was at the vets with me and stayed with me for two nights after to make sure I was ok and cooked meals for me, cleaned up etc. THAT is a friend. Pets are part of the family. I hope you get a better best friend OP