By leftwardfoil - 19/08/2011 06:32 - United States

Today, I woke up to my roommate sniffing my underwear. He said he was checking if they were clean, so he could borrow them later. Which may have been reasonable, if I weren't still sleeping in them. FML
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ang3lacupcak3 0

at least he wasn't trying to taste the rainbow


Funny how imagined it was a girl sleeping but it turns out to be a boy writing this T_T

cudi504 4

How would it be reasonable to share underwear? Thats kinda nasty

Pixxio_O 11
armorf0r 7

Fart in his face the next time he does it

35 38 don't try sarcasm over the Internet it never works.

noelykins1 19

38 wasn't being sarcastic just asking

Hope he doesn't have a shrine of you. And a look alike life size doll. *shudders*

mgsoloist 14

It starts with your underwear. Then he takes over your life. "The Roomate"

We all know what happens next; Your toiletries and towels and other belongings start to get 'borrowed' too.

Why would you be sharing underwear anyways?? Hahahaha isn't that how u get disease?

133, Sarcasm: a mode of satirical wit depending for its effect on bitter, caustic, and often ironic language that is usually directed against an individual. Ironic Statement: "Have a nice Year!" Why? How for the love of **** could he have a nice day after this? Let alone year knowing they live with the person. They might have failed doing it, but Please, learn what sarcasm is before you call someone else out on it. Got yo back evil haha

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Well that's real bromance right there fellas. -47 Nice work on the tat, last time I saw it the whole thing was just an outline.

I somehow have a feeling this is the same roommate from an earlier FML...

134 thank you for realizing what I said, your off the list of people I'm going to do bad things too. :)

aFatFuck 0

149 No, that's not a bromance. A bromance is between two guys that are really good friends. If you catch your bromance friend attempting to smell your nasty underwear then he's probably gay and it's not longer a bromance but instead a creepy case of one guy that might molest you while your sleeping (not because he's gay but because he smells the guys underwear while he's wearing it).

ang3lacupcak3 0

I think he wants a bit more than to scratch him... *pump pump pump* ew.

rockstar44 0

Ahhhhh best comment of the day

Hey, don't want those skid marks; now do we?

missL1z 5

That is so messed up if roomie was a guy!

"HE said HE was checking if they were clean...." pretty sure it's a guy

Yo Alan one question. Is it possible to become a part of the fml team? Any job application? Age limitations?

and if it was a girl, shed be wanting to borrow his boxers...

MatheusRajuidas 5