By TallGal - 14/09/2012 08:26 - United States - Tucson

Today, I had a date with a guy from the Internet. I'm 6ft1, which tends to put potential dates off, so I'd slyly knocked a few inches off my description. Turns out he'd done the same. He'd added a whole foot to his height. I had to crouch to talk to him. FML
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That's too bad I can't believe people tell tall tales like that

I see Tom Cruise is back on the dating circuit.


Ahh the beauty of Internet dating. Well OP, at least you can share the guilt of lying now.

Speaking as a tall guy, I sympathize with girls who are annoyed with short girls that date tall guys. Leave me for a lady with legs!

Well Im in Phoenix and I got a thing for tall girls. I'm 6ft. :-)

It's your choice whether to date a short girl or a tall not really a sympathy inducing comment. I'll be nice and not say what it does induce.

Wow! That made me sound like a creep! I was just saying I like tall girls and I noticed you are in AZ. Sorry for sounding like a whackjob.

Druu 53

That's too bad I can't believe people tell tall tales like that

If only people could feel confident enough as to not lie. Unfortunately society has drawn us a picture of what a beautiful man and woman look like, so people try to conform to this.

Don't get short with him, OP, he was just trying to rise ti the occasion. But don't stoop to his level, either.

21 - If runway models are any indication, society says beautiful women should be tall.

#62, I'm 5'9", and you wouldn't believe how many guys have told me I'm "pretty, but it's a shame you're so tall." or that "I would have dated you if you were shorter". :/ It's one rule for models and another for the rest of us, I'm afraid. OP should look into modelling, though, at 6'1" I bet they'd ******* love her.

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95 - I think it's more of the fact it's kind of weird for a guy dating a girl taller then him. ...Luckily, god blessed me with height... Bitches...

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OP got the short end of the stick

I am a 5"5 girl but I've always wished I was taller by a few inches. Id love to have those long legs but #95s comment has made me wonder is it really not so great being tall?

aawweessoommee 9

155- I'm 5'11 and it's really not great being tall. All my friends are shorter than me which makes me feel like a giant. And not being able to wear heels is the worst part. And finding long jeans -_- the hardest. So be thankful for your height. Cause I'd do anything to be your height.

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People should feel that they gotta lie. And what was the guy thinking adding a foot ? Like you aren't going to notice he is 12inches shorter than he is supposed to be. I don't see why you being 6'1" is a bad thing i love tall women!

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It's online dating, what do you expect?

Obviously not a truthful relationship anymore.

My husband and I are happily married and met online, so I wouldn't quite knock it yet

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84) well it does work sometimes but complaining about it is senseless, it's the Internet there are more lies than truth on most dating sites nowadays and complaining wont do a thing about it, next time be honest too op.

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Do you wonder if the date got cut short?

I dated a girl 10" teller than me, it was a great time. It is about who you are with...

at least he wasn't a registered sex-offender or something. still sucks though op

Yes I'm the first post! Well that's what happens when you date online.

I know. I'm just fooling around cause school is boring as hell.

"Your talking" can be correct when "talking" is used as a gerund (noun) rather than a verb. In short, quit correcting grammar in instances where the point got across. Even those who understand grammar think that you're annoying when you do this.

The grammar nazis are starting to annoy me I mean really who cares that I left all the appropriate punctuation marks out of this comment get over it uh oh the ocd is kicking in must resist urge to punctuate

#63 - But that use of talking doesn't really make sense in this context, so it's either incorrect or illogical. To be honest, I'd rather have to deal with people repeatedly correcting others than deal with people repeatedly making the same basic mistakes...

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55- Maybe if you paid attention in school, you wouldn't be looking like an idiot right now. Just a thought.

Dude. I'm a straight A student. That doesn't make it any less boring.

76 - The fact that you work at Wal-mart makes your comment even funnier.

That is the a huge problem for us tall girls.

Some tall guys like really short girls. My ex was 6'3 and only liked short girls. I'm 5'1 in case you're wondering how short

oceanbeauty 17

Tall guys love tall girls but there aren't many tall guys out there. And like spazz said, some like short girls. So it leaves us tall girls looking for a while :-/

My bf is short. Well, 5"6 so quite short for a guy his age. I'm 4"11.

I actually prefer taller ladies because at least I don't have to bend down all the time. Being 6" 2 is great!

I'm 5'1" and my girlfriend is half a foot taller than me. Life is very strange sometimes.

I know how you feel, man. I'm 6'2". And my GF is about 6'-6'1".

I see Tom Cruise is back on the dating circuit.

Congratulations for posting useless opinions. Here's a waffle (>-_-)>(#)

I never found tall girls to be a turnoff.

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Me & you both bruh. Im only 5'5 and I stay snatchin up girls taller than me. My current gf is about 5'6 or 5'7. This other chick I use to **** with was 5'8. I even had a chick that was 5'11 get at me. #MidgetMack.

Kn0wledge, please get of my comment you Sound like an intolerable douche.

Kn0wledge123 21

I'm actually not. But perhaps I did go overboard. Mia culpa. Failed joke, but I'll probably still get thumbed down for this comment as well.

Have you considered maybe tall girls find shorter guys a turn-off?

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86- I can attest to that. (sorry guys, but it's true) Maybe it's a little different for me, because I'm only 5'2". but I dated a guy that was shorter than me once and it just didn't feel right. ..He was wearing boots when we met. Lol

Normally when faced with this dilemma, dating a tall girl can be a turn off, especially at 5'6" and with a 6'1" it's hard to walk around holding hands. However, with the height difference eye level is roughly right around breast area and thats always a good thing.

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I never understood why people lie about their description but then go out and meet someone offline....

HooyoMacaan 7

YDI Op. Regardless of how overused/obvious it is, honesty is the best policy. And unless you are trying to lure in innocent victims there is no reason to lie. The guy you meet is going to see how you really look anyways. 6ft1 is very tall for a girl, but one of my friends is 6ft3 and with her confidence she never has trouble finding guys. You don't need someone to validate that you're beautiful or fine the way you are.

So, what I got out of that comment was that it is okay to lie if you are trying to lure in a victim.

I'm a bit short on time so I may not be thinking it through, but this looks like a tall story to me. Also, aren't you kind of a hypocrite? I get that a whole foot is a pretty outrageous lie, but you seem to be put off by his small stature, just as many men are with your height.

It can reach a point when when the difference is just to great, for instance if she needs to crouch down just to talk to him.